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BrakesMotorcraft repairs

Competitively priced brakes for your Ford: stopping power you can depend on.

Brakes are a key safety feature, so regular maintenance of your vehicle’s braking system is vital. 

Ford Motorcraft Brake Pad Kits are specifically designed for your Ford, you get both peace of mind and a high quality repair.

Ford Motorcraft brakes
Repairs KA, Fiesta, Fusion, B-MAX, EcoSport
(Recommended Retail Price)
(Recommended Retail Price)
(Recommended Retail Price)
(Recommended Retail Price)

Transit / Tourneo Connect (Recommended Retail Price)
(Recommended Retail Price)
Replace front brake discs and pads £175 £219 £229 £259 £199 £299
Replace front brake pads £89 £95 £109 £119 £79 £89
Replace rear brake discs and pads* £179 £189 £189 £195 £229 £379
Replace rear brake pads £99 £89 £89 £95 £79 £89
Refill brake fluid £39 £39 £39 £39 £39 £39

All published prices are recommended retail prices and include parts, labour and VAT. All prices apply to Ford passenger cars and commercial vehicles with up to and including 2.5L engines and are applicable to retail customers only. RS models and LPG derivatives are excluded. See full terms and conditions for more information.

All Ford and Motorcraft brake parts are developed and tested in compliance with the strictest of Ford specifications and are specifically designed for Ford models.
They also have proven longevity owing to high temperature resistance, offering optimum comfort, even with high loads.

Brake fluid

High quality Ford brake fluid offers maximum protection against the daily wear and tear experienced during the braking process.

It helps keep your braking system working at its best by:

  • Creating extremely high boiling points which prevents damage to the braking system
  • Low-temperature viscosity enabling increased response times
  • A well-designed inhibitor package preventing corrosion
  • Optimal lubrication of the system components preventing abrasion of the brake parts
  • Ideal rubber compatibility preventing brake fluid attrition


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