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The Ford App Catalogue

Here’s where you will find the latest apps, all designed to be used with Ford SYNC with AppLink. So, have a browse then download your favourites from Google Play or the iTunes App store.

Which version of SYNC is in your vehicle?

SYNC 1.1 with AppLink

Simple to connect and easy to use, this system is the first in its series to harness the power of AppLink. Use voice commands to access and control your favourite apps whilst driving. How do you know if you've got it? This version comes with AppLink, but not a touchscreen display.

SYNC 3 with AppLink

SYNC 3 is the fastest, most intuitive and easiest to use version of Ford SYNC to date. The state-of-the-art 'infotainment' system comes with a range of features, including improved voice recognition and AppLink. An 8" touchscreen allows you to swipe, pinch and zoom just like the most advanced smartphones.