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Vehicle Assessment Centres

Driving Assessment Centres and Adaptations

How to adapt your Ford Motability car

You can request an adaptation on your new vehicle with complete peace of mind because the adaptations will be:

  • Produced and fitted by Motability accredited manufacturers and installers who will contact your dealer to ensure they are fitted before delivery
  • Maintained, along with your car, by the Motability Operations Fleet Service team to provide worry-free motoring for the length of your contract

In most cases your Ford Motability Dealer will be able to order your vehicle and adaptation at the same time, while agreeing with the installer when and where the adaptation is to be fitted.

Using a Driving Assessment Centre

When choosing adaptations, we recommend that you seek specialist advice from a Driving Assessment Centre. They will assess your needs (whether you are the driver or passenger) and offer advice on:

  • Helpful driving aids and adaptations
  • Safely getting in and out of your vehicle
  • Loading and stowage of equipment

Driving Assessment Centres can be found nationwide. Fully-trained occupational therapists and a Driving Adviser will help ensure you can drive safely and comfortably (you may need to pay a small fee).

To view more information on the Driving Assessment Centres, please visit Driving Mobility

For details of your local assessment centre, please call Driving Mobility on: 08005593636 or visit www.drivingmobility.org.uk