Your car has a Tyre Inflation Kit in the event of a puncture. Here’s how to locate it, and how to use it.

How to use your Ford Tyre Inflation Kit
  • If you’ve got a puncture, your tyre will need some first aid. That’s where your Ford Tyre Inflation Kit can come to the rescue. Learn how to use it.

    It’s dangerous to drive with a puncture. So if your vehicle doesn’t have a spare wheel, your Tyre Inflation Kit will come in handy. Here’s how to use it: 

    First, follow these important safety steps:

    1. Stop somewhere away from other traffic. Make sure your handbrake’s on and your ignition’s off.
    2. Turn on your hazard warning lights.
    3. If you need to, set up a warning triangle whilst wearing a high-vis vest. 
    • Next, check for damage. 
    • Don’t pull out any objects stuck in the tyre, it might make it harder to fix. 
    • TOP TIP: If the tear or hole is larger than 6mm, it’s too big to fix. Please call for assistance. 
    • You’ll find the Tyre Inflation Kit in the boot.
    • There’s a bottle of sealant and a compressor with hoses attached.
    • Wearing protective gloves, check the sealant is in date.
    • Shake it, peel off the label and stick it somewhere visible. This shows the max speed limit with sealant in the tyre.
    • Unravel the hose in the compressor and connect it to the sealant bottle.
    • Now attach the bottle to the holder on the compressor.
    • Unscrew the dust cap and screw the sealant bottle hose on to the valve.
    • TOP TIP: Ideally, the valve should be towards the top of the tyre. The sealant will work better that way. 
    • Plug the power cable into the cigar lighter or auxiliary power socket.
    • Check your car’s recommended tyre pressure. The label is on the inside of your doorframe.
    • Turn on your ignition.
    • TOP TIP: If your engine’s running, the compressor won’t drain power from your battery. 
    • Start the compressor.
    • Inflate your tyre, but for no longer than 10 minutes.
    • When you reach the right pressure, switch off the compressor. 
    • TOP TIP: The pressure may rise up to 87 PSI (6 bar). But don’t worry, it should drop to normal after about 30 seconds.
    • If your tyre hasn’t inflated after 10 minutes, something’s wrong. Please call for Ford Roadside Assistance.
    • Unscrew the hose. Some sealant might leak out, but that’s normal. 
    • Screw the dust cap back on, unplug the power cable and unscrew the sealant. 
    • Place it in a plastic bag, if you’ve got one, and put it in the boot. 
    • Drive about two miles so the sealant can seal the damaged area. 
    • Pull over and check the tyre to make sure the repair has worked. If necessary, top up the pressure with your Inflation Kit. 
    • TOP TIP: Notice any vibrations, unsteady steering or noises when driving? Then reduce your speed, or stop and call for Ford Roadside Assistance. 
    • Puncture fixed, drive to your nearest Ford Dealer to get a new tyre but don’t drive any further than 125 miles. The Dealer can safely dispose of your sealant bottle, too. 

    That’s how to use your Ford Tyre Inflation Kit.

    But if there’s anything you’re not sure about, you can always refer to your Owner’s Manual, or simply contact your Ford Dealer. 

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