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It may be compact, but with a load area of 2.3cu.m you get 10% more load volume than other vehicles in the same class. Behind the standard full bulkhead, there’s room for a Europallet and a generous 660kg payload capacity. Ingenious features help protect both your cargo and your vehicle from the rigours of working life. And because the van is built to tough commercial vehicle standards it’s not only made to last, but designed to minimise cost of ownership.

Features shown on this page may only be available on selected models. Where available, these features may be optional extras at additional cost. For more info, download price list to view current UK specifications.

Space for long items with a folding mesh bulkhead

A folding mesh bulkhead not only allows you to carry loads up to 2.59m long, it helps protect the driver from those loads as they sit on top of the folded passenger seat. The feature is available on Van models and includes the fold and dive front passenger seat.

Tie-down points to keep your cargo secure

Side-wall mounted tie-down points help keep the load floor clear and are both DIN and ISO compliant.

Cargo tie-down points
Easy clean loadspace floor covering

Easy-clean protection in the cab and cargo area

Rubber flooring option helps keep your cab clean, protects the load floor and helps safeguard your van and its cargo from the knocks and scrapes of daily working life.

A brighter-lit cargo area for easier loading

Loadspace lamps are fitted as standard. You can also specify the option of ultra-bright LED lighting if required.

Cargo area lighting
Blue Ford Transit Courier in motion going uphill

Rigorously tested 

All the materials inside the cab have undergone extensive testing to ensure maximum durability. And less wear and tear means your vehicle retains its smart, professional appearance for longer while helping retain its resale value.

Multi-piece rear bumper for easy repair

Unlike other vans in its class, there’s no need to replace the Transit Courier’s entire bumper if you’ve sustained a dent to one end. That’s because a 3-section design means individual parts can be replaced as necessary for low cost repair.

Red Ford Transit Courier showing the rear bumper in detail
Service intervals

Long service intervals for less time off the road

Every part and component of the Transit Courier is designed to maximise durability and go for longer without needing maintenance. That’s why service intervals are set at 20,000 miles or 1-year.

Specialist support from Ford Transit Centres

Whether you own a single van or operate a fleet, Ford Transit Centres can help you. These specialist centres are staffed with dedicated sales experts and trained technicians, and keep a range of the latest vehicles on-site for you to test. They’re also equipped to maintain Ford commercial vehicles while providing the swift, hassle-free service you need, and not just during ‘office’ hours.

Specialist support from Ford Transit Centres