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Safety & Security

Advanced technologies that can automatically brake and keep your trailer safely in line. Systems that let you lock and unlock doors individually; make copying the key fob almost impossible and can still sound the alarm, even if the battery’s been disconnected. The Transit Connect is equipped with a range of sophisticated technologies designed to make journeys easier and safer. When you’re driving around a lot, it’s good to know your van is helping to protect you, other road users and pedestrians every working day.

Features shown on this page may only be available on selected models. Where available, these features may be optional extras at additional cost. For more info, download price list to view current UK specifications.

To help avoid low speed collisions

The innovative Active City Stop helps the driver avoid a collision in slow-moving traffic or at speeds up to 30mph. It does this by continually measuring the distance to the vehicle in front when it is within a near range. If the system detects the vehicle in front has unexpectedly reduced speed, it automatically applies the brakes.

Ford Transit Connect Electronic Stability Control

Stay in control whatever the conditions

Electronic Stability Control constantly monitors your vehicle’s progress. It senses when a vehicle is losing grip and automatically applies a braking pulse to individual wheels, stabilising it. Using advanced sensors from the anti-lock braking and Traction Control System it monitors the behaviour of the vehicle.

Maximum grip with minimum effort

An advanced Traction Control System eliminates excessive wheelspin and gives you the best possible grip, performance and stability, just when you need it most. The system constantly monitors and adjusts the power delivered to the vehicle’s individual wheels ensuring maximum contact and grip when you’re accelerating.

Ford Transit Connect Traction Control System - car skidding on the road
Ford Transit Connect Trailer Sway Assist

Keeping your trailer safely in line

Trailer Sway Control detects ‘snaking’ or trailer sway and reduces your vehicle’s speed to help solve the problem, making towing more controlled. The system slows the vehicle down by reducing the engine’s torque and gradually increasing the brake pressure on all wheels.

Extra power for emergency braking

Emergency Brake Assist helps your vehicle achieve maximum braking effectiveness in an emergency situation. It’s controlled automatically via the Electronic Stability Control system, which senses how much pressure you’ve applied to the brake yourself and automatically increases it, if necessary.

Ford Transit Connect Emergency Brake Assist
Ford Transit Connect Emergency Brake Light

A warning behind when you brake sharply

The emergency brake light system flashes the brake lights to warn other drivers when you brake heavily.

An early warning if a tyre is going flat

If any of your tyres starts to lose pressure during your journey, the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System warns you immediately if there’s a puncture by lighting up an icon on the instrument panel.

Ford Transit Connect Tyre pressure monitoring
Ford Transit Connect Curtain, driver, passenger and side airbags

Enhanced airbag system

Transit Connect is available with curtain, driver, passenger and side airbags. Advanced sensors are also positioned at key points in the vehicle to ensure a swift and controlled response.

Never forget to wear your seatbelt

A driver’s seatbelt minder warns you if you ever forget to ‘buckle up’ and is fitted as standard on every model.

Ford Transit Connect Driver seat belt reminder
Ford Transit Connect Independent back-up alarm

An extra, independent back-up alarm

A battery back-up sounder is an additional, secondary alarm system that comes with the Thatcham alarm option. This sounds a siren when the alarm is triggered and because it has its own built-in power source, will activate even if someone disconnects the main vehicle battery.

You choose which doors you want to lock and unlock

The Transit Connect has remote control central door locking, which is more secure than ever. That’s because you can choose to open one individual door while the other doors stay securely locked until you activate a switch on the driver’s door. This same switch controls the locking and unlocking of all the vehicle’s doors.

Ford Transit Connect Remote central locking
Ford Transit Connect Advanced key fob

An advanced key fob makes central locking twice as secure

An advanced flip-key fob makes the Transit Connect doubly difficult to steal, as the transmitter within it has two channels – which means the key is virtually impossible for a thief to scan or copy. This rechargeable fob is also tamper and water-proof to withstand the stresses and strains of everyday use.

Anti-tamper door locks

All door locks are protected by anti-tamper shielding designed to prevent them being broken by force.

Ford Transit Connect Anti-tamper shielded door locks
Ford Transit Connect No ordinary locks

No ordinary locks

With Transit Connect, you get locks that: automatically re-lock the doors after 45 seconds if you don’t open any (after using the remote); make it impossible to lock the front doors if they’re ajar; unlock all the doors if the airbag is deployed.

Protecting and securing your car from thieves

A Thatcham Category 1 alarm is a sophisticated system that automatically arms itself when you double-lock the vehicle and will sound a powerful alarm if triggered by forced entry, the vehicle being lifted, or if the motion sensors pick up any movement inside. The technology is also designed to help prevent unwanted towing of the vehicle. It's possible to arm the system in different ways, which means you can choose to monitor the doors, bonnet and boot.

Ford Transit Connect Two high-level alarm options