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The redesigned interior of the New Transit Connect has more cargo space than ever. You can carry items up to 3.4 metres long and two Euro-pallets. Optional side load doors on both sides of the van make loading and unloading the van more convenient. And with smart storage locations throughout the cabin, you’ll never be short of space.

New Transit Connect Load Space

Useful load-through storage

Carry items up to 3.0 metres in length in the L1 van, thanks to the clever load-through bulkhead. L2 models are capable of holding 3.4-metre long items. (Load-through bulkhead is available as an option on the Base, Trend and Limited series and must be ordered with dual passenger seats).

Impressive load space

Transit Connect features a new full design of steel bulkhead that increases usable load space by approximately 50 litres. There’s also enough room for two Euro-pallets or four standard 8’ x 4’ boards in the load box.

Ford load through bulkhead detail