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FordPass Pro. In control and in the know.

Look after up to five business vehicles, with tools to help you keep them healthy, secure and running smoothly. So you can focus on the work.
FordPass pro App dashboard mockup
FordPass Pro car icon

Check the health of your vehicles

FordPass Pro warning icon

Get alerted if issues arise

FordPass Pro remote access icon

Access your vehicles remotely

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Stay connected

FordPass Pro is designed for businesses that have vehicles with FordPass Connect. 

Icon of a mobile App buttons

Take control

For peace of mind, lock your vehicle wherever you are to make sure everything is safe and secure. And with automatic vehicles, you can even start the engine from the app, to warm up for those early morning starts. Just open your command centre with a tap to control your vehicle remotely.

Get alerted

If issues arise with any of your vehicles, you’ll be alerted. That way, you can deal with them and avoid surprise costs later on. Plus, if you’ve got an MOT or service due, you’ll be notified of that too. Helping you plan ahead and keep your vehicles on the road.

Icons with anti theft indicators and engine coolant alert
Icon showing mobile with App info

Check in

With instant access to the most important information on each of your vehicles, it’s easy to stay on top of maintenance. You can check your tyre pressures in the appTooltip, so you know to top them up if they’re running low, helping reduce wear and tear and improving fuel economy. You can also see your AdBlue level, meaning you’ll always know when you need to refill.


Screenshot of map with locations

Keep track

Are your vehicles where they should be? Now you’ll know.
Check in throughout the day, or when you’re heading home, with their most recent locations all plotted on one map. So when the work day’s done you can rest assured everything is safe and in the right place.