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In the rare instance of a potential safety defect on any of our vehicles, we instigate an immediate safety recall.

However, in the past when it has happened, it has meant an increased administration burden for fleet managers of larger fleets, as they have to notify all their drivers who are affected.

That’s why we’ve developed the Ford Fleet Recall Portal. It minimises the administration for you as a fleet manager, by contacting your drivers directly, helping you meet your duty of care. It saves on the costs associated too.

Note: There is no cost to a fleet customer for the use of the Ford Fleet Recall Portal.


How the Ford Fleet Recall Portal works

Here is the recall service, laid out step-by-step:

1. Ford sends a file to Ford’s recall agency containing Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) affected by the recall, plus the name and address of the Registered Keepers. The agency updates the data using a data-feed from the DVLA.

2. The agency sends an e-mail to fleet operators registered in the Ford Fleet Recall Portal, that have vehicles affected by a recall. The e-mail will show the recall action and how many vehicles the fleet have affected.

By using the Portal, at no cost, the fleet customer can:

  • Select the outstanding vehicles, from the VINs and any owner details associated with the VIN.
  • See all Safety / Service recalls for which they have affected vehicles and which are still outstanding.
  • Update for an individual VIN or there is a bulk update option for multiple VINs. This will update the Portal and the agency.
  • Download a file of all their vehicles with recalls and update the information held against each of them e.g. owner details or no longer owned by the fleet. This file can then be used to perform a bulk update within the Recall Portal.
  • Update the owners details, when the fleet dispose of a vehicle, which will remove the vehicle from their view of the Portal.
  • Track their own performance getting vehicles reworked. Outstanding vehicles will be updated by the agency on a weekly basis.
  • See copies of all the latest owner letters associated with Safety / Service recalls are available to download.
  • Input a file of all their vehicles and get a report back of all the vehicles that have got outstanding recalls.
  • Reduce your administrative burden by taking the onus off you to contact your drivers and helps you meet your duty of care obligation.


How to sign up or find out more about the Ford Fleet Recall Portal

To sign up: If you would like to reduce your administration burden in the unlikely event of a safety recall, download the Ford Fleet Recall Portal Registration Form here (PDF 61KB).

To find out more: For further information about the service, email the Aftermarket Business Manager at: