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Why a Ford Dealer should service your vehicle


Key Benefits

Having your car serviced by Ford gives you extra peace of mind, ensures your warranty is unaffected and can help maintain your vehicle’s resale value.

You can expect:

  • Competitive products and services
  • A prompt and convenient appointment
  • An exact price for the agreed work
  • A time to collect your car that suits you
  • A detailed, written explanation of the invoice and work performed

Your Dealer will also carry out a free Ford Video Check. They’ll check 30 different points and provide an electronic report with an explanation of any findings. You’ll receive a competitive estimate upfront for any work needed, but you’re under no obligation to have it done.

To ensure the highest standards, all our Dealers adhere to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) Code of Practice.

In addition, ours are the only Motor Manufacturer Dealers whose work is subject to independent quality checks by the RAC.

Scheduled services

Regular maintenance helps to stop minor problems turning into major, expensive ones. 

Find out more about scheduled services.


All you need to know about the MOT and why it’s best to have the test done at a Ford Dealer.

More about MOTs.

Wear and tear checks

A range of checks and routine repairs for parts which become worn out over time. 

More about Wear and tear checks.

  • A new Code of Practice to help you choose the best repairers

    The new Motor Industry Code of Practice for Service and Repair has been designed to safeguard your interests as a consumer. It enables you to identify garages which subscribe to the Code and gives you a set process to resolve any disputes you may have with a repairer.

    The Code of Practice:

    • Provides a free consumer advice line
    • Provides free conciliation and low cost, legally binding arbitration
    • Offers consumers more rights than required by law

    It was launched in August 2008.

    You can download the full Code of Practice here.

  • Independent RAC checks ensure quality at Ford workshops

    Ford is the only motor manufacturer to have employed an independent  company to check the quality of our servicing. We introduced the RAC Service Workshop Quality Programme, to help our Dealers ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

    It takes the form of independent quality checks by RAC Inspection Services. They carry out these random checks on customer-owned vehicles, which are in the Dealership for service or repair work.

    The inspectors carry out numerous physical checks, auditing each vehicle according to the Ford Quality Check procedure. The Quality Check confirms that the Ford Dealer has carried out all work fully and to the high standards set by Ford Motor Company Ltd.

    The RAC carries out 6,000 unannounced audits per year throughout the Ford UK Dealer network. At around 10 visits per Dealer, up to 10,000 vehicles are inspected each year.

    The checks have shown that Ford Dealers have managed to maintain their extremely high quality standards throughout the network. 
    Why the RAC?

    We selected the RAC to manage the programme, as they provide an independent, objective service and are a recognised and trusted brand.