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Driving Experience

Engineered to combine elegant styling with tough SUV capability: All-New Ford Kuga’s Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control, All Wheel Drive and Selectable Drive Modes systems mean you can adapt your driving experience to any road conditions.

Your personal driving assistant

Ford Co-Pilot 360 combines a range of technologies make your driving experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Adaptive Cruise Control automatically adjusts your speed based on the vehicle ahead. The system can even recognise speed signs and adjust your cruise control speed accordingly. Lane Centring technology can provide steering assistance by following road markings to help keep you positioned in the middle of your lane. Together, these technologies contributed to Kuga’s 5-star safety rating from Euro NCAP, the leading independent safety organisation in Europe.

Helping you stay in your lane

The Lane Keeping System uses a forward-looking camera to detect if you’re unintentionally drifting out of lane. Lane Keeping Aid provides gentle steering torque assistance to help guide you back into your lane. If your wheel touches the line or edge of the road, Lane Keeping Alert vibrates the steering wheel and displays a visual warning. The technology automatically deactivates at speeds below 64 km/h, or can be turned off manually.

All New red Ford Kuga close crop o front LED headlights

Let Kuga do the parking

Parking in a busy street or a tight space can be tricky. But with Enhanced Active Park Assist, the New Ford Kuga makes it easier than ever. Available on models with automatic transmission, the system can identify a suitable parking space, and then automatically perform the entire parking and exit manoeuvres for you. Activated by holding the Active Park Assist button, there’s no need for you to steer or use the pedals – the car takes care of it all for you.

Spots the road signs you might miss

Whether the signs are at the side of the road or above it, permanent or temporary, Traffic Sign Recognition can identify them. Icons for speed limits and no-overtaking signs are displayed on the instrument cluster, alerting you to changing restrictions.

Red Kuga in movement

Helping you to see around bends

Kuga’s adaptive front lighting system provides excellent visibility in a variety of conditions. These eye-catching LED headlights use cameras to monitor the road ahead and alter the light patterns to suit different situations, including bends in the road or approaching roundabouts. Glare-free high beam adjusts the angle of the headlight for maximum illumination and minimum glare to protect oncoming traffic when it is detected.

Important information at a glance

The head up display projects key information into your field of vision, so you can keep your eyes on the road ahead. Compatible with polarised sunglasses, the clear, bright image can display your preferred choice of content – including vehicle speed, navigation, cruise control notifications and Traffic Sign Recognition data.

All new Ford Kuga interior with head up display close up
All New red Ford Kuga close crop o front LED headlights

Helping you to see around bends

Kuga’s Full LED Quad Projector Headlamps provide outstanding illumination in a variety of conditions. These eye-catching LED headlights use camera technology to monitor the road ahead and alter the light patterns accordingly.

Predictive curve light uses lane-markers to detect and illuminate bends in the road before you enter them. Sign-based light recognises if you approach a roundabout or stop sign and adapts the headlight beam to match the road layout. Glare-free high beam adjusts the headlight angle for maximum illumination. While the front camera helps the system to protect other drivers from glare.

Sensors that take the stress out of parking

Parking distance sensors help you judge the distance between your vehicle and obstacles around you. When the sensors detect an object, they activate an audible warning that intensifies the closer you get to it.

Red Kuga parking

An extra pair of eyes

Blind Spot Information System uses lateral sensors to look for vehicles that may be hidden in your blind spot. If another vehicle is detected, the system will alert you via discreet warning lights built into both door mirrors. Cross Traffic Alert works with Blind Spot Information System to increase awareness when you’re reversing out of a space and have limited visibility. The system can detect vehicles approaching from the sides and sound a warning to alert you of their presence.

Extra control during hill starts

Hill Start Assist temporarily stops you rolling backwards or forwards when making a hill start. The system works by maintaining pressure to the braking system for an extra 2-3 seconds, giving you more time and control as you move your foot from brake pedal to accelerator. It’s also useful when you’re stopping and starting on slippery surfaces.

All new Ford Kuga interior close crop on dashboard showing wrong way alert
All new Ford Kuga interior close crop on dashboard showing wrong way alert

Helping you move in the right direction

Wrong Way Alert uses a forward-facing camera and information from the navigation system to detect if you’re driving against the direction of traffic. The system delivers visual and audible warnings if you drive the wrong way so that you can stop and take the necessary action.