New Ford Capri® charging


Charge at home

Using an EV Home Charger

Invest in an EV Home ChargerCX740L - Home Charger for the quickest and most convenient way to charge at home. You can even leave your Ford Capri® charging overnight, just like your phone.


Using a home socket

The optional Type 2 Mode 2 charging cable can charge from any 230V domestic plug socketCX740L - Home Socket. Best saved for occasional, must-charge situations.

Charge on the go


BlueOval™ Charge Network

Get access to the Ford BlueOval Charge NetworkCX740L - BlueOval and charge your electric Ford Capri® at any one of over 600,000 AC and DC public charging points across 36 European countries.



One of the many charging point networks within BlueOval Charge Network, IONITY provides access to high-power DC chargers to charge your Capri® at full speed.


Charge cables

Your new Ford Capri® comes as standard with a Type 2 Mode 3 charging cable for use at any AC public charge points. DC charging points have their own cable to make your journey easier.

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