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Brink® Tow Bar Pack

The Brink® Tow Bar Pack includes everything you will need to tow legally in the UK.

Included in the pack price is a Brink® fixed tow bar, an “e-kit” which ensures seamless integration and full integrity of the vehicle’s electronic system and fitting at your local Ford dealer. A Ford e-kit also enables Trailer Sway Control (part of the ESP), where available. When trailer sway is detected, the system redirects engine torque and applies the brake to the appropriate wheel(s) to help restore control.



  • Brink® Flange Tow BarTooltip
  • e-Kit


Reasons to smile

  • Each Tow bar and e-Kit is individually selected for the vehicle
  • 5 year warranty on Brink® Tow BarTooltip
  • e-Kits are designed to work in harmony with your vehicle’s safety systems

Pack excludes re-programming where necessary, based on Brink® flange tow bar kit.



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