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The Transit Custom is packed with ingenious and practical features to help you work more efficiently and easily. Its generous loadspace gives you exceptional access to make lighter work of loading. It’s also engineered to keep ownership costs to a minimum. 

New Orange Ford Transit Custom rear load space

Exceptional Loadspace and access

The Transit Custom provides impressive loadspace in all three dimensions: load length, width (from wheel arch to wheel arch) and usable interior height. As a result, it can easily carry standard 8’ x 4’ boards placed on their side or flat on the floor, three euro pallets and, thanks to its unique load-through storage area, items up to 3m long. Overall, the van provides a cavernous six cubic metres of loadspace with a bulkhead fitted – and that’s just the short wheelbase (L1) version. The long wheelbase (L2) offers 6.8 cubic metres. A wide side load door-opening, optimised opening height and a low rear access step ensures effortless access to loadspace. The sliding doors also have a checking mechanism which holds them securely open for loading.

Useful load-through storage

The Transit Custom has a distinctive feature designed to extend its load space. A full height, full width bulkhead divides the load area from the passenger cabin and this bulkhead has a flip-up panel at floor level. This means you can load items up to 3m long through the rear doors and into an extended storage area under the van’s dual passenger seats, even in the short wheelbase version. This smart feature enables you to keep valuable materials inside your vehicle, rather than on display on the roof. 

New Transit Custom Load Space
New Orange Ford Transit Custom side door

A side door that fits flush

A cleverly designed sliding door track is covered to conceal the mechanism. The result is improved aerodynamic efficiency and reduced noise.

Maximum protection with a super-strong bodyshell

Boron and other high or ultra-high-strength steels make up more than 40% of the Transit Custom’s bodyshell, including parts of the passenger safety cell. This makes it extremely light and crash-resistant. The design of the bodyshell has also been optimised, using over 4,500 computer simulations and 30 full-vehicle crash tests. 

New Transit Custom bodyshell
New Blue Ford Transit Custom with roof rack

Integrated Roof Rack improves convenience, economy and noise

An innovative roof rack simply folds flat when not in use. As well as saving you the hassle of bolting on and taking off a conventional rack, it lets you pass under 2m height restrictions (except for the 3,400 kilo Gross Vehicle Mass derivatives). It also helps save fuel because of reduced drag, and gives you a quieter ride with less wind noise. 

Need to tow an additional load?

If your work requires a tow bar, you can specify one as a factory-fitted option. And if you find you need a tow bar after you’ve bought your vehicle, it’s easy to order one as an accessory and have it fitted professionally by your Ford Dealer. In both instances, the Trailer Sway Assist feature will be activated.

New Transit Custom tow bar
New Transit Custom load liner

Specially designed protection for your load floor

An optional easy-clean load-floor liner means you don’t have to install your own covering. This heavy- duty floor makes it easy to slide goods in and out, makes sweeping and cleaning quicker and easier, and will help maintain the residual value of your van. (Optional on Base)

More practical, more secure cargo restraints

Tie-down points are usually mounted on the floor. But they can be hard to get at when you’re trying to secure your cargo. So, Transit Custom has tie-down points positioned just above the floor on the side wall of the load space. This leaves the floor clear of obstructions, making access easier, eliminates dirt traps and allows for the easy-clean load-floor liner. Additional fixing points are provided at waist and shoulder height, built into the structure of the vehicle, and can each take an impressive 30kgs of load.

New Transit Custom with load ties
New Transit Custom with power ports

Sockets, inputs and ports: all close to hand

There’s a compartment above the steering wheel / instrument cluster that puts a number of useful features within easy reach. For example, there’s a 12V power socket, an auxiliary input and a standard USB port. A second 12V power socket and USB port are also conveniently placed next to the gear shifter.

You can even have a 240V socket fitted, supplying 150 Watts of power. 

Peace of mind with an anti-perforation warranty

The Transit Custom is backed up by a reassuringly long, 12-year anti-perforation warranty.

New Transit Custom with power ports
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