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Transit Custom is filled with ingenious and practical features that will help you work more easily and efficiently. Its generous loadspace enjoys exceptional access to make lighter work of loading and unloading. Transit Custom is also engineered to keep ownership costs to a minimum, with outstanding service intervals of up to 36,000 miles, or two years. So not only will it help make lighter work of work, it will also save you money.

Features shown on this page may only be available on selected models. Where available, these features may be optional extras at additional cost. For more info, download price list to view current UK specifications.

Transit Custom - Load-through hatch in bulkhead

Unique, load-through storage area

The Transit Custom has a unique feature designed to extend its load space. A full height, full width bulkhead divides the load area from the passenger cabin and this bulkhead has a flip-up panel at floor level. This means you can load items up to 3m long through the rear doors and into an extended storage area under the van’s dual passenger seats, even in the short wheelbase version. This smart feature enables you to keep valuable materials inside your vehicle, rather than on display on the roof.

Integrated roof rack improves convenience, economy and noise

A unique, innovative roof rack simply folds flat when not in use. As well as saving you the hassle of bolting on and taking off a conventional rack, it also helps save fuel because of reduced drag and gives you a quieter ride with less wind noise.

Integrated Roof Rack improves convenience, economy and noise
Different roof heights

Different roof heights

The L1 H1 version provides a cavernous 6.0 cubic metres of loadspace with a bulkhead fitted and the L2 H1 offers 6.8 cubic metres. Both models are also available as a H2 (high-roof) version, increasing the distance from loadfloor to roof to an impressive 1.76m and creating a maximum load volume of 8.3 cubic metres on the largest L2 H2 model.

A protected load area that’s easy to keep clean

A durable load floor liner which not only protects the floor of your van but also helps reduce noise when you're driving.  The liner helps you keep your van clean as its easy to brush or wash.

Transit Custom - Load floor protection
Transit Custom energy efficient LED lights

A brighter-lit cargo area for easier loading

Loadspace lamps are fitted as standard. You can also specify the option of ultra-bright LED lighting if required.

Tie-down points to keep your cargo secure

Side-wall mounted tie-down points help keep the load floor clear and are both DIN and ISO compliant.

Transit Custom Practical, secure cargo restraints

Load space and access

The Transit Custom’s loadspace is excellent in all three dimensions: load length, width (from wheel arch to wheel arch) and usable interior height. As a result, it can easily carry standard 8’ x 4’ boards flat on the floor, three euro pallets and, thanks to its unique load-through storage area, items up to 3.4m long (L2). Overall, the van provides a cavernous six cubic metres of loadspace with a bulkhead fitted – and that’s just the short wheelbase (L1) version. The long wheelbase (L2) offers 6.8 cubic metres. Transit Custom has the widest side load door opening of any vehicle of its type, the sliding doors also have a new checking mechanism which holds them securely open for loading.

Long service intervals for less time off the road

The advanced all-new Ford EcoBlue 2.0-litre TDCi engines are durable and reliable, with longer service intervals of up to 36,000 miles, or two years, whichever occurs first. Along with this, components subject to normal wear and tear have also been designed to last longer without maintenance. It all helps ensure your Transit Custom won’t let you down.

Transit Custom Class leading service intervals
Transit Custom Anti-Perforation Warranty

A long anti-perforation warranty for extra reassurance

As a measure of the vehicle’s build quality, the Transit Custom comes with a 12-year anti-perforation warranty as standard.

Specialist support from Ford Transit Centres

Whether you own a single van or operate a fleet, Ford Transit Centres can help you. These specialist centres are staffed with dedicated sales experts and trained technicians, and keep a range of the latest vehicles on-site for you to test. They’re also equipped to maintain Ford commercial vehicles while providing the swift, hassle-free service you need, and not just during ‘office’ hours.

Introducing Ford Transit Centres
Transit Custom Optimised body structure

Maximum protection from a super-strong bodyshell

The body of the vehicle contains ultra-high-strength boron steel. Boron and other high or ultra-high-strength steels make up more than 40% of the bodyshell, including parts of the passenger safety cell. This makes it extremely light and crash-resistant. The design of the bodyshell has also been optimised, using over 4,500 computer simulations and 30 full-vehicle crash tests.

Full steel bulkhead keeps thieves out

A full-height, full-width steel bulkhead acts as a safety feature, protecting you from being hit by your cargo or tools, in the event of an accident.

Transit Custom Full steel bulkhead for extra security