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The Ford Transit Chassis Cab is renowned for its versatility and flexibility, and is the ideal platform for a wide range of special applications and bespoke conversions. With low cost of ownership too, your investment will quickly prove a smart business decision.

Ford Transit Chassis Cab body type

A solid base for conversions

Transit Chassis Cab’s strong, flat ladder-frame provides the ideal base for a wide range of body conversions to be fitted. The vehicle suspension creates higher centre of gravity suspension to cope with large bodywork. And the bolted closing member allows the chassis length to be customised without welding.

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 Four available platforms

Transit Chassis is available in four Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) variants, from 3,100 kg to 4,700 kg. The wheelbase and overhang dimensions are suitable for industry-standard or non-standard body sizes.

Standard-width door mirrors accommodate body sizes up to 2,170 mm. While wide-body mirrors are available for vehicles up to the legal maximum of 2,438 mm.

Ford Transit Chassis Cab features options
Ford Transit Chassis Cab power socket close up

Power Sockets

As well as two 12V power sockets, you can specify an optional 150 Watt/230V socket located between the driver’s and passengers’ seats: ideal for charging tools, laptops or other equipment without the need for special adaptors..

A long anti-perforation warranty for extra reassurance

As a measure of the vehicle’s build quality, the Transit Chassis Cab comes with a 12-year anti-perforation warranty as standard.

Ford Transit Chassis Cab parked in construction site
A mechanic checking the chassis cab wheel

Long service intervals for less time off the road

The advanced all-new Ford EcoBlue 2.0-litre TDCi engines are durable and reliable, with longer service intervals of up to 36,000 miles, or two years, whichever occurs first. Along with this, components subject to normal wear and tear have also been designed to last longer without maintenance. It all helps ensure your Transit Chassis Cab won’t let you down.

Ready for work straight from the factory

Transit Chassis Cab is designed and built for hard work. Its robust and rigid chassis provides an excellent foundation for fitting specialist bodies. For the convenience of operators who want a quick and simple solution, our factory-built Transit floats are supplied ready to work.

Ford Transit Chassis Cab at construction site
Ford Transit Chassis Cab aerial view of chassis

Room for the crew

Transit Chassis Double Cab is a great solution for moving both crew and load at the same time. Wide-opening doors provide easy access to the spacious, well thought-out interior. While the dual front passenger seat and standard rear quad seat together offer comfortable accommodation for up to seven occupants, including plenty of under seat stowage possibilities.

Towing ability

Transit Chassis Cab delivers outstanding payload and towing capability. The 350HD and 470 versions, with high-rated suspension and 7,000 kg Gross Train Mass, can pull up to 3.5 tonnes of braked trailer load, when properly equipped.

Ford Transit Chassis Cab tow bar close up