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How do I view my saved or upcoming trips in the FordPass®* App?

FordPass allows you to view your saved and upcoming trips on the Map screen. Use the steps below for more information. 

Important: Ensure the following conditions are met:

Viewing Saved or Upcoming Trip

  1. Open the FordPass App.
  2. Navigate to the Map screen.
  3. Select Trip Planner
  4. The Power My Trip screen will display the following trip options:
    • Upcoming Scheduled Trips
    • Saved Trips
  5. Select View Trip next to any item to view the details. 


  • If you have not used Power My Trip, this page will display no upcoming or saved trips. 
  • Trip history is not available.
  • When Power My Trip updates are made in FordPass, and you want to connect the data to your vehicle screen, you must perform a vehicle key cycle. This is the only way to integrate your phone and vehicle. To perform a key cycle:
    1. Safely enter your vehicle.
    2. Ensure your vehicle is completely off. The vehicle engine should not be running or placed in accessory mode. Many newer vehicles will keep the radio on, even when the car is turned off, until a door is opened.
    3. Open the driver’s door and press the lock button.

      Note: If your vehicle is equipped with an Intelligent Access System with push-button start, exit the vehicle with your keys before locking the door.

    4. Close the driver’s door. 
    5. Wait two minutes and ensure the radio display turns off completely.
    6. Restart your vehicle. 

If you experience any issues, contact a Guide using the Account > Help options in FordPass. 

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