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What is FordPass® Connect?

FordPass Connect is the embedded modem that provides access to remote command features like remote start and stop.

Connection and Activation Benefits

Activating FordPass Connect lets you use a range of connectivity features, both in-vehicle and via our FordPass®* app. In-vehicle features are designed to make your driving experience better than ever. 

FordPass Connect Modem Details 

The modem:

  • Allows use of FordPass Connect features with the FordPass® App.
  • Uses a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card to exchange data.
  • Operates via the Vodafone data supplier.

Important: If you replace the Telematic Control Unit (TCU) in your vehicle (TCU swap), the new modem will retain the previous authorisation status.

Modem Subscription Information

To continue efforts to help make our Ford customers’ lives worry-free and unstoppable, the following features are now complimentary for the first 10 years of ownership, but your modem must be activated.

  • Remote commands
    • Start/stop
    • Lock/unlock
  • Vehicle location 
  • Vehicle health information 

Additional Information

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