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How do I activate my Ford vehicle to use FordPass®*?

Before you begin, ensure the following pre-conditions are met:

  • Your vehicle must be equipped with the FordPass® Connect** embedded modem.
  • Your vehicle must be added to FordPass

To Activate Your Vehicle: 

  1. Open the FordPass App.
  2. Navigate to the Home landing page.
  3. Tap Activate Vehicle.
  4. The app will direct you to access your vehicle. 
  5. Start your vehicle.
  6. Leave it in Park and keep your vehicle running.
  7. A message will appear on your vehicle screen.
  8. Accept the activation confirmation pop-up.
  9. Open FordPass and navigate to the Home landing page.


  • The Remote Commands should appear below your vehicle.
  • If you purchased a used vehicle with FordPass Connect from a private seller, make sure you perform a master reset of the system and then create a FordPass account, or login with an existing account.
  • If you experience issues with your activation, try the troubleshooting steps or contact a Guide for additional support. 

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