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FordPass Connect Upgrade/Downgrade

If the vehicle is equipped with a FordPass Connect modem, the customer has the opportunity to downgrade or upgrade FordPass Connect (deactivate or reactivate all added value services) except for eCall*.

The added value services include Live Traffic, Wi-Fi Hotspot, Command and Control, Vehicle Locator, Status and Health Alerts. Downgrade/ deactivate means the vehicle will be “offline” and not sending or receiving data in case of a downgrade. In case of an upgrade the vehicle will be “online” again to send and receive data. The eCall functionality will always be available in case of an accident.

For more details please refer to article: eCall Functionality

To request a downgrade/ deactivation or upgrade/ reactivation the customer has to follow these steps:
Step 1: Please check if your vehicle has a FordPass Connect modem:

  1. Go to your vehicle
  2. Press “Settings” 
  3. Find FordPass Connect-Button (if it is not appearing, the vehicle has no embedded modem)

If FordPass Connect modem is embedded and the customer has made a decision to downgrade or upgrade FordPass Connect (deactivate or reactivate all added value services), they can use  FordPass App to contact our FordPass Guides and request a “FordPass Connect downgrade or upgrade” via email. Or send an email request to the respective Ford Customer Relationship Centre of the customers country.

Step 2: Please send an email including the following information of the vehicle owner:

  1. Name (registered in the Ford system)
  2. Email address (registered in the Ford system)
  3. Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  4. ESN (Modem Serial Number)

How to find the ESN (Modem Serial Number):

  1. Press “Settings”
  2. Find and press “General”
  3. Find and press “About”
  4. Find and note down the ESN

In case the person who has contacted Ford is not the vehicle owner, he/she has to provide a copy of registration additionally for legitimation. 

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