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All-new Tourneo Connect and Ford-Volkswagen Alliance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The All-New Tourneo Connect FAQ

The all-new Tourneo Connect is the first vehicle developed and launched under Ford-Volkswagen (VW) alliance and will be available for order in early 2022. Designed in partnership with VW, the Tourneo Connect is FordPass®* compatible and has similar connectivity features to other Ford vehicles.

Key differences between the Tourneo Connect and other FordPass-equipped vehicles include:

  • A new infotainment and connectivity system separate from the Ford SYNC®** systems
  • No Wi-Fi Hotspot

What are the key benefits of the all-new Tourneo Connect? 

All-New Tourneo Connect is a spacious and versatile 7-seater multi-activity vehicle that will bring new levels of style and capability to its segment. It builds on the strong reputation of the current Tourneo Connect with enhanced features and technology including 7-seat capability on all models, an all-wheel-drive variant, and efficient petrol and diesel powertrains with an automatic gearbox option.

Did Ford and Volkswagen share the development of this vehicle?

The all-new Tourneo Connect was developed as part of the Ford-Volkswagen alliance, with the engineering and manufacturing being led by Volkswagen, working in close partnership with Ford’s design team, which created the Tourneo Connect’s unique exterior and interior design features.

How is the Tourneo Connect differentiated from the latest VW Caddy?

The all-new Tourneo Connect is strongly differentiated with an expressive and dynamic Ford design DNA, with a unique exterior and interior design. Key elements that contribute to the strong Ford character include the complete front end featuring design cues shared with the latest Explorer, Puma and Kuga, with a new front bumper, grille, headlamps, bonnet and wings; new rear tailgate with bold Tourneo badging and new rear lamp designs; and unique Ford wheel designs.

Inside the vehicle, the Ford character is reinforced with a dedicated new instrument panel design with unique Ford steering wheel, new seat trims and new door trim grain patterns.

Like other Ford passenger cars, the all-new Tourneo Connect also offers a choice of attractive hi-spec series options including the hero Active model, plus Sport and Titanium.

You’ve announced the launch of the all-new Tourneo Connect, but what are the plans for a new Transit Connect? 

For the time being, we will continue to offer the current generation Transit Connect, which is still highly popular among our commercial vehicle customers.  An all-new city van will be introduced at a later date as part of the already announced Ford-VW Alliance, and we will confirm more details at a later date.

You mention that this vehicle is the first of a new generation of Tourneo vehicles. What more can you say about that?

The all-new Tourneo Connect is the first of an exciting new generation of spacious and versatile Tourneo vehicles from Ford, building on today’s highly popular line-up. We will have more to say in the future as the other new models are revealed - stay posted for further details.

You have not announced any plans for electrified powertrains at launch. How is that consistent with your stated company commitment to electrification?  

We are strongly committed to electrifying our product range, and we have clearly stated that Ford’s commercial vehicle family of products in Europe - which includes the Tourneo Connect/Transit Connect range - will be 100% zero-emissions capable, all-electric or plug-in hybrid, by 2024; in addition, two-thirds of commercial vehicle sales are expected to be all-electric or plug-in hybrid by 2030.  So customers can look forward to an electrified Tourneo Connect joining the line-up, and we will share further details at a later date.

How can you justify launching a new vehicle with only conventional powertrains available?

We are launching the Tourneo Connect with a strong range of efficient petrol and diesel powertrains that are very well suited to our customer's requirements, and have been carefully engineered to minimize their environmental impact. For example, the advanced diesel engines feature a twin dosing urea system that helps to deliver class-leading fuel economy and CO2 emissions along with minimized nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

Why would a customer purchase Tourneo Connect instead of the equivalent VW Caddy?

We believe that the all-new Tourneo Connect will have a strong market appeal of its own, with its distinctive style based on Ford’s latest design DNA, as well as attractive Series options like Active and Sport, which we believe will resonate well with customers. Buyers can also benefit from the enhanced experience available to Ford customers, including comprehensive support from the Ford dealer network, smart finance options via Ford Credit, and integrated features within the FordPass App.

You mention Ford EcoBlue and EcoBoost engines in the new vehicle. Are these Ford-developed powertrains? 

The powertrains in the all-new Tourneo Connect are shared with the VW Caddy, and have been developed by Volkswagen. The engines are named EcoBlue and EcoBoost to ensure consistent branding with other models in the Ford passenger car range which offer powertrains with similar technical features and performance.

Does the Tourneo Connect offer the latest Ford SYNC system? 

No, the infotainment and connectivity system is based on different software architecture to Ford SYNC, so it cannot offer the same combination of features and Human Machine Interface (HMI) that are found on other Ford vehicles using the SYNC system. However, customers can still utilize the FordPass mobile app to access key features on connected vehicles with the 10-inch infotainment screen, ranging from vehicle status and lock/unlock to alarm notifications.

In the event of limited semiconductor supplies, will VW or Ford production be prioritized?

In this situation, the reduced production would be prorated across VW and Ford according to the relative volume of each brand.

Will Ford dealers be able to service the vehicle, and will parts be readily available? 

Yes, Ford dealers will be able to provide full servicing support for Tourneo Connect customers. Spare parts will be fully available through the normal network of Ford spare parts distribution warehouses across Europe, just like any other Ford vehicle.

What Euro NCAP rating will Tourneo Connect achieve?

We will be fully competitive when NCAP ratings are confirmed for the all-new Tourneo Connect in the near future.

Can you be sure the Tourneo Connect does not contain emissions defeat devices?

Although VW is responsible for engineering, homologating and building Tourneo Connect, Ford undertakes various validation activities to ensure the vehicles comply with regulatory requirements.

Where will the all-new Tourneo Connect be built?

Volkswagen will build the all-new Tourneo Connect at its Poznan Plant in Poland alongside the VW Caddy, as well as the city van version when it comes to market.

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