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How Does the Front Wide View Camera Work?

A tiny panoramic camera, on the front of the vehicle, relays a split-screen image to your car’s multi-function display so you can see vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians coming from either side. This Front Wide-View Camera is invaluable if you’re edging out of a narrow parking space, or on to a busy road where your view is obstructed.

To use the front video camera system, place the transmission in any gear except reverse (R). An image of the front of your vehicle appears once you press the camera enable button and your vehicle speed is below 6 mph (10 km/h).

Note: The area displayed on the screen may vary according to your vehicle's orientation or road condition.

Note: The front view camera will switch off if your vehicle speed exceeds 6 mph (10 km/h). You will have to switch the system back on by using the enable button once below the speed threshold.

Front Camera Button  The camera button is located on the audio unit.

This feature is only available on certain models please check your Owner's Manual for details.


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