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Speed Limiters

Speed Limiters are available for 56mph (90 km/h), 62mph (100km/h) and 70mph (110km/h).

It is a legal requirement for vehicles over 3.5 GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) to be fitted with a speed limiter of 56mph and this feature is as a standard on 470 GVM models.


Adjustable Speed Limiters

The Adjustable Speed Limiter allows the driver to set a maximum speed limit anywhere between 20 and 110km/h and prevents the driver from accelerating above this speed; if the driver takes their foot off the accelerator, the vehicle will slow down.

The Adjustable Speed Limiter is operated using simple switches mounted on the left side of the steering wheel. Once the system is switched on, the maximum speed limit set is clearly displayed in the instrument cluster. The maximum speed can then be increased or decreased by pressing one of two switches and is also adjustable when moving.

The system also has a built in override feature which allows the vehicle to go above the set speed limit if you need to overtake. The software will temporarily disable the speed limit function and then will automatically re-engage when the speed reduces back to the set limit. The instrument panel display will also indicate you are exceeding your set limit.


Intelligent Speed Limiters

The Intelligent Speed Limiter is designed to enhance the Adjustable Speed Limiter. When activated, the system automatically adjusts your maximum speed setting to the speed limit detected by the Traffic Sign Recognition camera.

This may be an optional extra on some models.




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