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Ford BEV / PHEV Wallbox Home Requirements

There are a number of minimum requirements that your home must meet in order for a Home Charging Wallbox to be successfully installed.

Home Wallbox Installation

  • Access to safe parking such as your own driveway, or off-street parking (own garage for instance)
  • Car can be parked within a few metres of charge port on wallbox – it is not possible to join several cables together to ensure reach – strict safety protocols do not permit this

Residential Street Parking

  • It is not acceptable to run a cable from your home and on to the street. You should not run a charge cable from your vehicle when parked in the street.
  • Some municipalities are installing street parking schemes through the use of lamp posts, telecommunications boxes, and pop-up chargers in the pavement areas. Speak to your local Government offices to learn what plans are in place for your area.

Charging Using Convenience Cord Charger

  • The convenience cord charger can be used to charge your vehicle which would typically be done overnight. It is designed to be used from a conventional house mains socket.
  • The convenience cord is splash-proof but should not be allowed to be immersed in water, as it is an electrical device.
  • The charger must never be used in a “daisy-chain” configuration, i.e. with extension leads
  • Use a qualified electrician to ensure your socket is suitable


General Requirements for Power Supply to Premises

  • Installation of a wallbox charger requires the work of a certified/qualified electrician who can certify the installation as safe for use.
  • It is likely that a survey of the home will be required to understand whether any work will be required before a wallbox can be safely installed. The Ford recommended installation partner will be able to help you to determine what is needed for your particular circumstances.

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