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Questions we're often asked


Below, you will find a selection of the questions that we are most commonly asked by our corporate customers. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, then please email us at:

  • Q. Which vehicles can I hire?
    A. You can hire any model from our extensive range of Ford passenger and commercial vehicles. Our Ford Rental Dealers have access to the very latest models from the Ford range, and our customers have the chance to be among the first to drive them.

    Q. Do you have a minimum/maximum age limit for hiring?
    A. If you’re aged between 25 and 70 you can hire a vehicle from Ford Rental. Exceptions will always be considered, i.e. drivers under 25. Acceptance of exceptions is subject to approval from Ford Rental and the insurance policy limitations. If you would like to discuss your rental needs then please email us at and a member of our team will soon contact you

    Q. Can I take my rental vehicle abroad?
    A. Yes, although you must mention this when you make your booking and an additional charge will apply and be quoted at point of request. We will need to know which countries you will be visiting and for how long, so we can make sure we prepare all the relevant documentation and cover.

    Q. Do you offer long-term hire?
    A. If you need a rental vehicle for three months or more, we offer a service called Ford Flex. With its highly competitive tariffs reflecting the length of hire, Ford Flex is an attractive alternative to contract hire or leasing.

    Q. Can I have an additional driver?
    A. Yes you can. Additional drivers are subject to the same conditions as the main driver and there will be a small charge for each additional driver, if you require Ford Rental’s insurance cover.

    Q. Do you offer minibus hire?
    A. Yes we do. We highly recommend you give as much advance notice as possible when you require a minibus because this is a highly sought-after model, especially during peak seasons. We also have Connect and Custom Tourneo’s, Galaxy, S-MAX and Grand C-MAX models available to carry a number of passengers.

    Q. How much will it cost to hire a vehicle?
    A. We pride ourselves on offering an affordable and competitive rental service that meets all your needs. The cost will depend on various factors (e.g. type of vehicle, mileage, length of hire, insurance etc… To get an accurate quote email us at

    Q. How do I contact Ford Rental?
    A. Email us at

    Q. Are there any mileage restrictions on the vehicles?
    A. Yes. We build a contract around our customer demands and always try to work with the customer to agree an amicable solution.

  • Q. Is there a minimum vehicle requirement to setting up an account?
    A. Ford Rental will consider all customer requirements and price according to the profile of business opportunity available. Our dealer network may undertake responsibility of your hire requirements if you only have a low ad hoc requirement.

    Q. What questions will you need to ask me?
    A. To build a proposal, we would need to know:

    1. What you anticipate the business activity will be
    2. What vehicles you will predominantly hire
    3. How long on average will you require the vehicles
    4. What the main locations of hire will be
    5. Any special requirements that may affect the hires

    Q. How long does the account opening process take?
    A. As standard we ask for a minimum of three days notice.

    Q. Will I be assigned a dedicated Corporate Account Manager?
    A. Yes. Our Business Development Managers will handle the account opening process, ensuring your transition into Ford Rental is as seamless as possible and continue to manage your account going forward.

    Q. Do you offer an online booking facility?
    A. Yes. Our online booking facility is available through the internet: it is user friendly, meaning you can self-train on the functionality. The facility offers a suite of management reports such as rental numbers, average spend per day, rental length, agreement and reservation details and P11D information. Please contact us for more details.

    Q. Is there a minimum and maximum hire period?
    A. No. We have a short term and long term product available. Ford Rental are specialists in providing customers with very specific specifications when hiring a vehicle for three months or longer.

    Q. Once booked, am I able to extend the rental period?
    A. Certainly. If you think a vehicle may be extended, the hire must be placed as ‘to be advised’ status, at point of placing the vehicle hire requirement. The dealer will then ensure that they discuss with you your requirements.

  • Q. Is insurance included in the price?
    A. Ford Rental will always separate charges within the vehicle rate schedule to ensure the customer is totally aware of the known charges applicable. Ford Rental will invoice the daily rental and Insurance as a combined figure. Customers can also self-insure if needed.

    Q. What is included within the Ford Rental’s insurance?
    A. Ford Rental’s insurance policy is a fully comprehensive policy; so it would cover all third party damage, fire and theft (as long as keys were not left in the vehicle) and it carries an excess of £500.00. Glass breakages are not covered.

    Q. If I am using my own insurance, will I need to supply a certificate?
    A. Yes. Additionally a signed insurance indemnity form is required.

  • Q. What is the invoice period?
    A. Payments are required within 28 days from invoice date.

    Q. Who do I contact with questions about my invoice?
    A. Ford Rental has a dedicated Finance Department. Any queries can be emailed directly to them on:

    Q. How long should I have to wait for an answer to an invoice query?
    A. All queries will be acknowledged within 24 hours from advice and resolved within five working days.