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New Ford Mondeo Range

Mondeo Range Enhancements

From 2nd October 2017, production will begin on an enhanced Mondeo range, resulting in lower on the road (OTR) prices and insurance costs for both fleet customers and their drivers.

With the introduction of Zetec Edition, Titanium Edition, and ST-Line edition, higher residual values will be achieved due to enhancements in product specification, with cost-saving implications on taxation on a year-by-year basis also.

Revised Product Line-up

A more streamlined approach to the new Ford Mondeo fleet range will be available for delivery to fleet customers from mid-November 2017, providing an enhanced variety of executive cars.

This will include two core series (Zetec Edition and Titanium Edition, replacing Zetec and Titanium respectively), a sports series (ST-Line Edition, replacing ST-Line X), and a luxury series (Vignale). ST-Line series will no longer be available with fleet terms, with the remaining series only being available as 5-door or estate entitiesTooltip.

Ford Mondeo St-Line
Ford Mondeo Vignale

Enhanced Product Specification

The Mondeo range will now receive more safety equipment as standard, with Active City Stop and front & rear parking sensors added to all models.

Other notable features that have been standardised include 10-way power, premium leather driver and passenger seats on Titanium Edition, 19" Rock Metallic alloy wheels and privacy glass on ST-Line Edition, and Nero Pack as standard on Vignale models, replacing the chrome finish and alloy wheels with a Dark Tarnish finish to both.

New Vehicle Pricing

Streamlining the Mondeo line-up has provided the opportunity for us to re-evaluate overall pricing of each model, resulting in on the road (OTR) price reductions of between £2,000 and £3,000Tooltip.

As a result, lower P11D and therefore lower BIK tax will apply throughout the range, as well as lower National Insurance contributions for businessesTooltip.

Ford Mondeo interior
Ford Mondeo behind the truck

Greater Cost Savings

In addition to the cost-saving implications of new lower OTR pricing, product enhancements throughout the range will also reduce overall costs.

Through the standardization of product safety features across the range, including Active City Stop and front & rear parking sensors, lower insurance ratings, and therefore lower insurance costs, will be achieved.

Overall, the restructuring of the Mondeo range will provide a higher quality product and cost savings for both fleet customers and their drivers.