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Electric and Hybrid Vehicles (HEV)

White Hybrid Car

Discover the benefits of Electric and Hybrid Electric power

An Electric Ford car is almost identical in appearance to its comparative petrol or diesel model. But because it’s powered by a liquid-cooled, high-voltage lithium-ion battery system, an electric Ford has zero emissions and runs almost silently. It also delivers smooth, progressive power and similar driving dynamics to its petrol or diesel counterpart. Recharge at home using any domestic charging point or, with a Public Charging Cable, plug into any public charging station.

Choose Hybrid Electric technology and you get the best of petrol and electric power combined

A powerful and highly efficient petrol engine is designed for longer journeys. Smart technology learns when to switch to electric, for example, when you’re close to home.Whichever option you take, Regenerative Braking is an ingenious technology that captures up to 90% of energy normally lost through friction brakes, recycling it to recharge the battery. This helps achieve maximum energy efficiency when you’re on the move.

White hybrid car is charging