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A bike next to the shop with the pies

Who Ate All The Pies

Pies are not usually described as the food of champions and having them in full view whilst trying to train is not ideal. However, last Friday I found myself in yet another car park for another impromptu training session ahead of the London Marathon in April. This time the back drop was an array of pastries and pies rather than the block work wall of the Merrion Centre.

Having braved setting up my hand cycle on the static trainer in the very public Merrion Centre car park for the first time recently I found myself in yet another car park. This time it was outdoors in Wetherby whilst the twins were at Stage Stars on a Friday evening. There is simply not time to drive back to Harrogate during the time they are enjoying their weekly singing, dancing and acting session so with spring almost around the corner it was the ideal opportunity to take advantage of the lengthening days. Despite the slight slope of the tarmac surface I soon had the static roller set up and the hand cycle in place. I slid down from my wheelchair into the low slung seat just a few centimetres off the floor and strapped myself in place. As I reached to the side to take a final sip of water before starting training I noticed that I had set myself up right next to a mobile catering van. This in itself wouldn’t bother my but the side of the van was emblazoned with a huge printed photo of the vans contents. This included a delicious looking array of sandwiches, pies and pastries. I felt my mouth begin to water and my mind begin to wander as I gazed at the delights in the picture.

I quickly looked back to my training computer and refocused on the task at hand and started to turn the pedals as the daylight began to fade into dusk. My mind rapidly focused on keeping the cadence of the pedals at 90 rpm and closely watching and monitoring my heart rate during the warm up. Five minutes passed and I was then into my intervals, 2 minutes at 1500m pace then 2 minutes easy. I ran through this cycle 7 times before moving into a cool down. As day became night I packed the hand cycle away into the boot of the Grand Tourneo Connect. As the bike slid in I not only marvelled at the fact that soon there would also be 3 people sat comfortably in the car along with the bike and my day chair but more importantly that I had managed to keep on track with my training schedule for the London Marathon in April.

Before heading in to collect the twins I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the glorious golden pastry alongside me to remind me that maybe after the marathon I can eat all the pies, well maybe for a while anyway.