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9 out of 10 cats prefer Ford

9 out of 10 cats prefer Ford

Well, I’m can’t actually vouch for all 9 of the 10 cats but my twins cat, Charlie, certainly does.

It’s funny watching Charlie explore the Galaxy, which he seems to choose over any other car that is nearby. Whenever I pick the twins up after school on a Friday Charlie is nearly always there, rubbing his shiny black fur along the length of the Galaxy and poking his nose up to peer inside. He often climbs into the foot well for a little rest and curls up beneath my immobile feet.

Why Charlie picks the Galaxy to explore only he knows. However, it’s been my choice now on a number of occasions. The spacious cabin with great views out through the expanse of glass allow me to peer out, as Charlie looks in, and get a great view of the road and the world as it effortlessly passes by. When you combine that with loads of leg room in the back seats for my passengers and a boot capacity big enough to house a colony of cats then it simply ticks all my boxes.

When it comes to driving I’ve been all over in my Galaxy’s. It works equally well when cruising down the motorway to London with my racing chair in the back on my way to and from the London marathon as it does winding down the country lanes of North Yorkshire on my way to my favourite fly fishing destinations.

Since having the Galaxy my luggage compartment has been filled with an array of unusual cargo. It has been filled by my racing chair, a vintage arm chair for restoration, holiday suit cases, a third of a girls under 12’s football team, bikes, fishing rods and freshly caught trout, a pair of loud speakers and pretty much everything else you can think of. The flat loading bay allows me to easily slide my cargo in and out and it the ideal height for me in my wheelchair.

So I guess Charlie is drawn to the Galaxy in the same way that I am. It simply does everything really well with no fuss whatsoever. Either that or it’s the smell of the freshly caught trout from my last fly fishing trip!