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Orange Ford Ranger with a trailer

Hard Tops, Roller Shutters and Tonneau Covers

The Ford Ranger is ready to work hard for you, as are its load compartment accessories.

Hard Tops

Add a hard top and your Ranger becomes even more versatile.

Ranging from robust and functional commercial hard tops, to the stylish AlphaTooltip Type E hard top, with its gull windows and brushed aluminium roof rack system and the sporty Alpha+ SC-Z sports double cab canopy, with its colour matched spoiler and titanium coloured side fins, there’s a great selection to choose from.

With optional central locking now offered on most NLG+ hard tops, you can now benefit from the added convenience of securing your vehicle with the touch of a single button.

To browse our selection of hard tops take a look at our Ford Online Shop.

Roller Shutters

NLGTooltip and MountaintopTooltip roller shutters retract all the way to the truck cab, giving you total access to the bed area, for maximum convenience.

Weather-proof and lockable, they protect your load from more than just the elements. For example, twin locking points on NLG’sTooltip Roll N Lock roller shutter prevent your vehicle’s tailgate from being opened when the roll top is locked, providing class leading security.

What’s more, a roller shutter improves fuel consumption, by reducing the amount of drag resulting from an open truck bed.

For more information on roller shutters see our Ford Online Shop.

Tonneau Covers

A tonneau covers streamlines your vehicle, giving it not only a tidier appearance, but also reducing air resistance and improving fuel economy.

Affordable and easy to install, it keeps your load safely and securely inside the load compartment, whilst also allowing convenient all-round access to the load bed.

Soft or hard, one piece or tri-folding, there’s a selection of tonneau cover products from Ford and NLGTooltip, so you can be sure there’ll be an option to meet your needs.

For further information on tonneau covers check out our Ford Online Shop.

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What's Available for Your Vehicle?

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