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Orange Ford Ranger's NLG Tailgate Damper

NLG Tailgate Damper for Ford Ranger

This soft opening Damper kit is the ultimate “feel-good” product for your Ranger pickup load bed. 

The Tailgate DamperTooltip gives your Ford Ranger a serious and practical benefit, allowing the tailgate to drop in an easy and controlled manner. 

Open the tailgate with a single hand and watch as it lowers the tailgate gently to its down position. 

Designed specifically for the Ford Ranger tailgate, the Tailgate DamperTooltip is not only a great convenience feature, but also an enhancement for fleets with a duty of care for their employees. 


Reasons to smile

  • Controls the lowering of the tailgate in a smooth operation
  • Tailored to fit your Ford perfectly
  • Improved safety benefits, preventing risk of injury from uncontrolled drop of tailgate
  • Single hand operation
  • No drilling required
  • Quality tailor-made kit, designed specifically for your Ranger 
  • Further enhances the quality feel of Ranger

Give your Ranger the accessory it deserves. 



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