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ClimAir Wind Deflectors

ClimAir Wind Deflectors are a breath of fresh air

ClimAirTooltip Wind Deflectors give you perfect protection from the rain, wind and sun.

Whether you are driving on normal roads or motorways, an open window provides fresh air and with ClimAirTooltip Wind Deflectors you can enjoy great ventilation, without ruining your hair or getting the interior of your car wet when it rains.

ClimAirTooltip Wind Deflectors allow air to circulate within the cockpit of the vehicle, whilst maintaining an acceptable level of wind noise in the car.

Tested to the highest standards

Made from high-quality casted acrylic glass and manufactured in Germany, ClimAirTooltip Wind Deflectors have been thoroughly tested for their strength, durability, shatter-resistance, road safety, stability in car washes and fitment.

They remain securely in place when driving on motorways, allowing windows to be opened slightly without causing an annoying level of air turbulence.

Available for most models, ClimAirTooltip wind deflectors are easy to install, using an easy pre-tension system, instead of glue or adhesive tape and can be easily removed.

The aerodynamic design reduces drag and they are tinted (light grey or dark grey) to reduce glare.

ClimAirTooltip Sunblinds

ClimAirTooltip sunblinds reduce solar irradiation and provide UV protection. Easy to install, without the need for drilling, they can also be used whilst your vehicle’s windows are open. At the same time as protecting you from the sun, ClimAirTooltip sunblinds give the distinctive look of privacy glass.

Garage internal view with a withe car outside

What's Available for Your Car?

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