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Replace shock absorbersMotorcraft repairs

Ford Motorcraft Shock absorber replacements for a safe and comfortable ride.

Shock absorbers and springs are key to providing a comfortable ride, as well as being vital safety components. They therefore need to be well maintained and regularly inspected by an expert.
Are the shock absorbers and springs on your Ford in the best condition? Book an appointment to get them professionally checked or replaced by a Ford Dealer.

Ford Motorcraft Shock Absorbers
Ka, Fiesta,
Fusion, B-MAX, EcoSport (Recommended Retail Price)
(Recommended Retail Price)
(Recommended Retail Price
(Recommended Retail Price)

Transit / Tourneo Connect (Recommended Retail Price)
(Recommended Retail Price)
Replace front shock absorbers* £259 £289 £319 £399 £279 £449

All published prices are recommended retail prices and include parts, labour and VAT. All prices apply to Ford passenger cars and commercial vehicles with up to and including 2.5L engines and are applicable to retail customers only. RS models and LPG derivatives are excluded. See full terms and conditions for more information.

What to look out for:

Your car’s shock absorbers may need to be repaired or replaced if you notice:

  • Longer stopping distances
  • Reduced efficiency from the ABS and ESP systems
  • Reduced grip, and a tendency to drift on bends
  • Reduced grip in side winds and on wet roads
  • Bouncing and suspension noise, in a straight line or when steering
  • Excessive play in the steering
  • Unusual oscillations when braking or accelerating
  • Unexpected tyre wear (uneven or rapid)


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