SYNC 3: Media file playback (USB)

SYNC 3: Media File Playback (USB)

Vehicles operating with SYNC 3 have the ability to play music files from a USB / memory stick.

If you are experiencing issues with the music on a USB not playing in the correct order the following information may help to troubleshoot the issue.

The sorting of media depends on how the playback is started, options include:

  1. Selecting USB stick as audio source while indexing is still ongoing:
    •  SYNC will play files in the device root directory sorted alphabetically by file name.
  2. Selecting USB stick as audio source after indexing was finished:
    • SYNC will play all songs alphabetically based on the title stored in the ID3 Tag. This sorting is independent from where the files are stored. If no title is available in the ID3 Tag, the file name will be used instead.
  3. Select "Play All" from the top-level browsing menu:
    • Same behaviour as 2.

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