How do I pair my phone with SYNC 3?

To make calls and use other features of SYNC 3, you’ll need to pair your phone

Here’s how to do it

First make sure the ignition’s switched on…

…the car in is neutral, and the handbrake’s on

Activate your phone’s Bluetooth®

Touch ‘Phone’ in your settings menu

Press ‘Pair Phone’

You can also press ‘Voice Control’ to instruct SYNC to Pair phone’

It will ask you to search for SYNC 3 on your device

Once you find it, select it



If your phone supports ‘Simple Secured Pairing’, the number on your phone will match the one on the screen.

You just need to confirm this

Next, press ‘Pair’ on your phone

Then press ‘Yes’

Alternatively: enter the four-digit code displayed on your screen into your phone… then press ‘Pair’

You’ll see a ‘Pairing Successful’ message

Finally, if Emergency Assistance isn’t already set, the system will ask if you want to turn it on

All done. You’ve successfully paired your phone with SYNC 3


Any questions?

Check your Owner’s Manuals or contact your Ford Dealer, they’ll be happy to help.


Pairing a phone with SYNC


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