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Now Your Music Will Really Move You

A well-chosen playlist can make a real difference whilst you’re driving, especially if you’re listening to it through a premium sound system. Our new collaboration with B&O PLAY in Ford vehicles ensures that superb sound is a constant driving companion.

Press play on the perfect partnership

Ford is proud to be the exclusive provider of B&O PLAY premium in-car audio solutions.

The collaboration between Ford and B&O PLAY represents a natural fit for both brands, which are passionate about developing ingenious and innovative products that inspire freedom and enable people to take their music on the go. The new relationship leads to a positive extension of B&O PLAY’s high-quality audio solutions, crafted specifically for each vehicle cabin.

Rooted in Bang & Olufsen’s 90-year heritage, the contemporary products from B&O PLAY focus on design, performance, and craftsmanship using honest and natural materials to deliver high-quality audio experiences that intuitively integrate into the lives of users – whether they’re at home or on the go.

Go for a drive. Get lost in music.

B&O PLAY audio solutions for Ford will offer model-specific sound tuning intended to elevate the user experience, turning a 20-minute traffic jam or a 20-day road trip into a new discovery of music, destinations and ideas. Driving a Ford car with B&O PLAY will be more emotional, with rides turning into explorations and commutes becoming great escapes.


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