Digital Service Record (DSR)

What is a Digital Service Record?

The Ford Digital Service Record is supposed to replace printed service booklets with a centrally stored digital record accessed through the internet.

Authorised Repairers can access DSR via Ford Etis to update each applicable vehicle’s history following the completion of every scheduled service, extended service item and body inspection.

A printed copy of the vehicle’s Digital Service Record is available from the system if and when required.

What are the advantages of DSR?

Advantages for Ford

  • Value-added customer communication
  • Increase of customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Inhibits fraudulent entries
  • Facilitated evaluation of used vehicles’ value
  • Exact identification of next routine service date
  • Easy identification of scheduled service gap periods
  • Various analysis and reporting functions
  • Enabler to digitalise Ford data flows and processes

Advantages for Customers

  • Vehicle resale value maximised with a complete and up to date service history
  • Subsequent owners can easily obtain the entire service history and trust in the accuracy of the information (e.g. mileage, service items completed etc.)
  • Access of complete service history if and when required
  • Secure service record history that cannot be lost
  • Consistent continuation of services being completed, also in case of workshop change (stay abroad is covered as well)
  • No unnecessary or repeated services possible
  • Protection against the misuse in terms of manipulated or fraudulent entries
  • Ensures to meet warranty conditions (provided that DNS process is adhered to and stipulated service maintenance intervals are observed)

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