Wallbox / Vehicle Compatibility

What vehicles is my wallbox compatible with?

A Ford approved wallbox with a tethered cable can charge any vehicle that has either:

  • Type 2 vehicle inlet
  • CCS vehicle inlet

PLEASE NOTE - In France, the wallbox has a shuttered socket and can charge any vehicle with the correct cable

Can I charge my BEV / PHEV on other wallboxes?

If you wish to use a non-Ford supplied wallbox, please be aware that you must ensure the right type of connector in order to charge. It should be possible  to charge any Ford vehicle on any wallbox, except:

  • If the wallbox has a tethered cable with Type 1 connector - you cannot charge any current Ford vehicle or later Ford Focus Electric (2017 MY)
  • Tethered cable with a Type 2 connector (currently supplied by Ford in most markets) - cannot charge older vehicles such as the Cmax Energi, Ford Transit Connect Electric, or early Ford Focus Electric.
  • A chargepoint that is part of the Tesla charging network will only charge Tesla vehicles.
  • A chargepoint that utilises the CHAdeMO connector is predominently compatible wth Japanese vehicles and will not charge Ford vehicles

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