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Smart hybrid technology, an intelligently designed interior, and uncompromised storage space. With CO2 emissions as low as 98g/km and a modern hybrid-electric powertrain, the Ford Mondeo Hybrid is the perfect combination of efficiency, versatility and refinement in either 4-door saloon or Estate variant.

New Ford Mondeo Hybrid badge close up

The best of both worlds

The Mondeo Hybrid (now available in either 4-door Saloon or Estate) has two sources of power: a conventional fuel engine and a battery-driven, electric motor. The system automatically switches between the powertrains, or uses a combination of both, to deliver a perfect blend of power and efficiency. And to make the whole system even more efficient, regenerative braking captures energy that is normally lost through friction brakes, then recycles it to recharge the high-voltage battery.

How electricity helps lower your fuel usage

Whenever the state of charge of the battery allows, the Mondeo can drive short distances with zero emissions by using the electric motor alone. And when the battery is depleted, or when demand for power is higher, a responsive 2.0-litre petrol engine kicks in. The electric motor supports the petrol engine to help maximise efficiency and ensure your trips to the petrol station are kept at a minimum. This helps save you money over the life of the vehicle.

new Ford Mondeo Hybrid interior panel
New Ford Mondeo Hybrid start button detail

Quiet beginnings

Silent Key Start in the Mondeo Hybrid ensures a sophisticated beginning to your journey. Simply push the Power Starter Button and the Mondeo instantly and noiselessly comes to life. The electric motor ensures you’ll pull away quietly too.

Practicality meets efficiency

Due to their larger batteries, most hybrid vehicles have to sacrifice storage space to deliver improved efficiency. But thanks to smart engineering and intelligent design, the Mondeo Hybrid Estate is different: it has all the space you need. In fact, there’s more than 403 litres of space in the boot alone. And the flat floor ensures effortless loading and unloading of your luggage. Every square millimetre has been used to help deliver a hybrid car that’s as versatile as it is efficient.

New Ford Mondeo Hybrid Wagon detail of a spacious boot


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