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Goodwood Revival 2019

Goodwood Revival 2019

We are looking forward once again to the Goodwood Revival event on the weekend of 13th – 15th September. We hope you’re able to come with us as we take a magical step back in time to the halcyon days of motor racing at the iconic Goodwood race track, where our stand in the “Earls Court Motor Show” inside the circuit perimeter will be hosting a fun and colourful re-creation of a Great British Street Party of the early 1950’s. We will have a beautiful vehicle of the era from the Ford Heritage Collection on display, and we invite you to join the party complete with its live music and dancing. Join us as we look forward to how family cars will be powered 65 years into the future with the electrified New Puma and New Kuga, and do not forget to pose for your free souvenir photo. We hope you are able to join us there.

For more information about the show and tickets please go to https://www.goodwood.com/motorsport/goodwood-revival


Why not take a look below at pictures of previous Goodwood Revival events.


The Stand

Last year's stand focussed on "Ford Street", made up of a multitude of typical 1950s shop fronts and backdrops, bespokely designed and created for Goodwood Revival 2017. Some of these included 'Mr Ford's Gentlemens' Barbers', a memorial park, a Ford dealership, and 'Clara's Toys' where everyone could have a souvenir photograph taken in front of, dressed in all their post-war finery.

A couple get their souvenir Photograph taken
Crowds gather around "Ford Street"

Earls Court

As with every Goodwood Revival, a post-war Earls Court was recreated to house the British International Motor Show, with a selection of cars from across Ford's history lining "Ford Street" this year. These included heritage vehicles such as the 1949 V8 Pilot and Ford 105E Anglia, as well as an All-New Fiesta and Mustang, giving post-war Earls Court an insight into what the early 21st century holds for the Ford Motor Company.

The Course Cars

What better way for us to celebrate post-war motorsports at Goodwood Revival than to see the return of the two Mark II GT40 course cars?

Last year, after each race on the Goodwood course, both cars followed suit by showing the Revival crowd exactly what it means to be one of the most famous competition cars of all time.

2 x GT40s taking to the Goodwood Circuit