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The Good, The Bad And The Bad-rse

September 22, 2021

The Good, The Bad And The Bad-rse

There's a new Ranger in town.

The Ford Ranger Raptor is the pinnacle of pickups. And now the new Special Edition is here to bring you more epic off-road performance in this Wild-West Blockbuster.

Blue Ford Ranger

Shot in Almeria, Spain, “The Good, the Bad and the Bad-RSE" is a stunt-packed homage to the Spaghetti Western starring the Raptor Special Edition backed by a loyal posse of the Ranger Stormtrak, Wolftrak and MS-RT.

Watch the action here and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for lots of classic Western movie references.

Ranger Raptor Special Edition is an even more exclusive version of our high-performance, desert-racing-inspired pick-up. It features bold decals and additional matte black and red details for the exterior, and unique elements including red stitching and a Raceway Grey instrument panel for the interior.

Blue Ford Raptor driving fast

And like the original “bad-ass” Ranger Raptor, the Special Edition uses a powerful, range-topping engine and bespoke suspension for extreme off-road performance.

Meet the stars:

Ranger Raptor

Ranger Wolftrak and Stormtrak

Ranger MS-RT