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Ford presents lifesavers

September 22, 2021

Lifesavers: Celebrating heroes

"Lifesavers" is an original new documentary series, celebrating the work of Europe's blue light heroes.

Across Europe, thousands of professionals and volunteers follow a calling to help others — whether it’s rescuing those stranded on a mountain, rushing into a burning building or speeding through city streets to give emergency medical assistance.

Lifesavers: heroes next door

These extraordinary individuals can face self-doubt and fear, yet they go forward regardless. It’s this incredible spirit and dedication to their communities that is the focus of our new film series: Lifesavers.

The series launches with Sarai Granell Vicente, a medical paramedic just four months into her role with the Valencia Ambulancias Edetanas.


Our cameras follow Sarai as she embarks on a typical night, filled with both adrenaline and moments of reflection. And while she admits to facing doubts and fears, ultimately, she feels this is the best thing she can do every day.

Watch this and all episodes as they become available: