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White Ford with smart headlight system

September 22, 2021


We are looking into new ways to make driving in the dark easier and more comfortable.

Driving at night, especially on winding unfamiliar roads, can be stressful, with many people choosing to avoid the experience altogether.

We were the first to use road signs and lane markings as cues to adjust headlight beams to better illuminate the road ahead, especially around junctions.

Now, we are testing technology that uses real-time location data to effectively show the car the way to goTooltip.

Gps headlights
Gps headlights

The predictive smart headlight system directs beams into upcoming corners even before drivers may have seen them, illuminating hazards and other road users more quickly and effectively.

The prototype system, developed by engineers from Ford Research and Advanced Engineering Europe, uses GPS location data, advanced technologies and highly accurate street geometry information to accurately identify turns in the road ahead.

An algorithm calculates the trajectory and speed of the vehicle to proactively adjust the direction of its headlights. This provided optimal light coverage of bends, junctions, and even hazards lurking around corners.

Gps headlights

Where location data is not available, the system will work alongside camera and steering based dynamic headlight-bending technologies, to intelligently light the road until the location data improves.