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Ford E-Transit charging

November 12, 2020

E-Transit will help bring cleaner air to towns and cities

We need vans more than ever, as people around the world have discovered how essential it can be for goods and services to be able to come to them.

At the same time, cities from London to Los Angeles are pledging to create zero-emissions zones for cleaner air in our urban environments.

To help meet the demand for more vans that emit fewer emissions, we’re introducing an all-electric version of the world’s best-selling van – called E-Transit.

Its battery power enables drivers to cover up to 217 miles on the combined WLTP cycled1 on a single charge – providing enough range to meet daily requirements, but with sufficient additional capacity to account for variations in vehicle load and weather conditions. E-Transit also has just as much cargo spaced2 as a diesel Transit, so delivery drivers can carry big loads for fewer trips, while zero emissions and whisper-quiet running create less tailpipe and noise pollution in towns and cities.

Drivers can also enjoy a whole range of internet services via the standard FordPass Connect modemd3. This can help owners to find and pay for charging, experience real-time driver coaching to get the best driving range, and pre-heat the cab to a comfortable temperature before setting off. Automatic, wireless updates reduce the need for trips to the dealer.

E-Transit features optional Pro Power Onboard, which enables customers to transform the vehicle into a mobile power source, providing up to 2.3kW for powering tools and equipment on the jobsite and on the go. This is an industry first for light commercial vehicles in Europe.

In Europe, Ford will offer a generous choice of 25 E-Transit configurations, with van, double-cab-in-van and chassis cab body styles, multiple length and roof-height options, and a range of gross vehicle mass options up to 4.25 tonnes, to support a wide variety of customer needs when the new van arrives in spring 2022.