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Ford Comfort and Convenience
Ford Comfort and Convenience
Ford Key-Free System
The Ford Key-Free System is a keyless entry system that lets you lock and unlock your car, without taking your key out of your pocket or bag. Sensors around the car detect the presence of the ‘passive key’ and activate the locking mechanism accordingly.

Once inside the car, starting the engine is just a matter of pushing the FordPower Starter Button.
Ford Power Starter Button
With the Ford Power starter Button, you no longer need to insert the key into the ignition to start the car. You simply push the Starter Button while holding the clutch down (or brake pedal on an automatic) and the engine fires into life.
Bi-Xenon headlights
Bi-Xenon headlights give you twice as much light as standard halogen bulbs, illuminating a wider and longer area. But they only use half as much power. They also produce a light that’s similar to daylight, making night driving much less tiring on your eyes.
Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS)
Our Adaptive Front Lighting System automatically changes the direction of the car's halogen light beams as you turn the steering wheel, almost doubling the visible distance around bends. This results in reduced stress and fatigue while driving at night, so you’ll be more alert to potential hazards too.
Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lights
LED lights are the latest generation in car light technology. They are more robust and use much less power than conventional bulbs, resulting in an extended life.

LED’s also offer a significant safety performance benefit when employed in brake lights, for when power is applied they rise to full intensity faster than standard bulbs. This not only improves the visibility of the brake lights, but also provides following drivers with increased time in which to react to the appearance of the brake lights.
Auto-headlights senses when the outside light falls below a set level, such as at dusk or when you drive into a tunnel, and automatically switches on your headlights. So you can concentrate on driving while they keep you visible and safe.
Auto-dimming rear-view mirror
To stop you being dazzled at night by the lights of the vehicles behind, our auto-dimming rear-view mirror automatically detects headlight glare and switches to a dimmed setting. This makes nighttime driving safer, easier and less tiring.
Rain-sensing wipers
Controlled by a sensor in the middle of the windscreen, our rain-sensing wipers detect the water on your windscreen from the first drops of rain, and adjust their speed to the intensity of the shower. So you don’t have to worry about fiddling with buttons and switches, and can concentrate on driving safely through the rain.
Quickclear heated windscreen
There’s nothing worse than running out of your home, late for work on a frosty morning, to be confronted by a windscreen thick with ice. Thanks to our Quickclear technology, you don’t have to shiver outside, slowly scraping it off. Instead you simply press a button and watch, as your windscreen’s invisible heating elements quickly clear the ice or snow. Quickclear is also helpful when your windscreen mists up whilst driving.
Solar Reflect Windscreen
With the Solar Reflect Windscreen blocking nearly five times the level of solar radiation compared to standard tinted glass, you’ll notice a cooler and more comfortable interior in hot weather.

And with less heat entering your car, you probably won’t need the air conditioning system on all the time. This can have a positive effect on your fuel consumption, saving you money too.
No more costly fuel mistakes
Putting the wrong fuel in your tank can be an expensive and time-wasting mistake, which now can be avoided thanks to Ford Easy Fuel.
With Ford Easy Fuel, it’s almost impossible to put the wrong fuel in your car, simply because the wrong nozzle just won’t fit.

And because it’s a capless refuelling system, it means you’ll never have to handle dirty fuel caps again.
Park Assist
To help you park into small spaces, Park Assist uses ultrasonic sensors in your bumpers to measure your distance to the nearest objects. The sensors are located in either the rear, or both front and rear bumpers, and become active when you select reverse gear.

When the Park Assist sensors detect an object, you’ll hear a series of beeps. The closer you get to the object, the faster they repeat until, at 30 cm, they turn into a continuous tone.
Rear-view camera
Sometimes when you’re parking, it’s impossible to see obstacles behind you, such as bollards and low walls – and you can find yourself backing into them.

Our optional rear-view camera can help you, by displaying a grid view from the rear of the vehicle on the screen of the premium navigation system. This makes it easier and safer to park. The rear-view camera is especially useful when you’re reversing to hook up to a trailer or caravan.
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