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Ford Ambience Zone
Ford Ambience Zone
Premium audio systems
Our range of premium Sony audio systems gives you the very best soundtrack to your drive. Simple to use and with clear graphics, they bring your favourite tunes vibrantly to life – whatever your taste in music.
Sony digital audio systems
With a Sony digital audio system, you can enjoy crystal clear DAB radio reception as you drive. DAB digital audio systems also provide you with information on the programme you’re listening to, including the plot summary to a play, details of the track playing and up-to-the-minute sports results and competition details. Some stations even scroll news headlines and other up-to-date information.
MultiMedia DVD system
With access to their favourite films, cartoons, music and games via the Ford Multimedia DVD system, your passengers will no longer be asking if they’re ‘nearly there yet’.

To keep your rear passengers entertained, two 7” TFT screens are fitted in the back of the front headrests. Each can operate independently – so, for example, one passenger can watch a film while the other plays a computer game (for this, you’ll need to buy a separate inverter cable). The system even comes with an infra-red remote control and two infra-red headphone sets.
Touchscreen navigation system
This state-of-the-art system uses a 7" colour touch-screen, which allows simple navigation within the menus or control of the DEATC (Dual Electronic Automatic Temperature Control), CD, radio and Bluetooth® enabled mobile phone functionality.

With this navigation system, you can choose routes that avoid tolls or motorways, or even look up the nearest petrol station, hotel or point of interest. And with every road in Western Europe featured, you can find your way abroad.

The system helps you avoid congestion by giving you audio and visual traffic alerts via TMC (the Radio Data System Traffic Message Channel). In addition the navigation system will suggest alternative routes to help you minimise the delay to your journey.
Human Machine Interface (HMI)
The HMI is a seamless integration of technology, incorporating an intelligent instrument panel, ergonomic steering wheel controls and Bluetooth® with Voice Control. It gives you simple and enhanced control over your car’s systems.

HMI features an easy-to-read centre display. Using the ergonomically placed steering wheel toggle switches, it enables you to select individual settings for your audio system and, where fitted, navigation, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and your Bluetooth® enabled mobile phone.
Ford Convers+
An advanced form of the Human Machine Interface, Ford Convers+ features a 256-colour screen in the instrument panel and high quality graphics. You can monitor and control media systems in your car, using toggle switches mounted on either side of the steering wheel. Using the toggle switch, you can scroll through MultiMedia lists, displaying options such as  radio, CD, MP3 player or your Bluetooth® enabled mobile phone. For complete interaction, you can also link to your car’s navigation system, where fitted.
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