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The Transit Connect
Vehicle Security Tips
Please find below a list of tips to minimise the risk of break-ins or at worst, having your vehicle stolen.
Locking your vehicle
  • Most current Ford vehicles feature double locking as standard. Use double locking when you lock your vehicle by pushing the lock button on your remote key fob twice. This simple measure will prevent anyone opening the doors if they smash a window and reach inside to the interior door release. Never set the double locking if a person is left in the vehicle as it would hinder their escape in an emergency.
  • Ensure all the windows, sun roof and convertible top are closed when you leave your vehicle and that all doors are locked. (N.B. Never leave an animal locked in a vehicle with all windows closed due to heat exhaustion)
  • When locking your vehicle, always look for confirmation of the locked status (usually flashing of the hazard lights) and on some vehicles, the folding of the power mirrors. If you do not see the confirmation of the doors locking, return to the vehicle and check by pulling the door handle to ensure the doors are locked. Thieves are known to use radio frequency jamming equipment to prevent cars from locking – especially in shopping centres and motorway service stations when customers try to lock their cars from a long distance away.
Labelling your vehicle & accessories

Labelling your vehicle & accessories will reduce the desirability of your vehicle to thieves.
  • Check to see if your audio unit can store your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), your postcode, registration number or other information. If you can use the facility it assists in the recovery of your audio unit or vehicle if either becomes stolen.
  • Mark your vehicle's windows and audio / in dash satellite navigation unit with one of a series of vehicle security marking kits that can be purchased at Ford Dealerships. This can be fitted to any make or model of vehicle. (Audio unit marking requires the audio unit is easily removable. Standard Ford Audios are removable at your local Dealership).
  • Security-mark your portable satellite navigation equipment using the Ford marking kit. Do not leave your portable sat-nav in the car when you park. Remove the mounting cradle from view, taking care to wipe the windscreen where the equipment was mounted to remove any marks which could be left by the suction cups.
  • Thieves steal catalytic convertors for the scrap value of the precious metals they contain. Consider the Ford catalytic converter anti-theft shields also available from your Ford Dealership. This is most important for Transit Connect, Transit and Ranger where the catalytic convertor is more accessible due to the height of the vehicle, than that of passenger cars.
Leaving your vehicle unattended
  • Do not leave your unattended vehicle running to warm or cool the vehicle before starting a journey. Opportunist thieves will steal unattended cars with running engines – this will not be covered by your vehicle insurance policy.
  • Never leave your vehicle unlocked with the keys /keyfree fob inside. Never store a spare key in the glove compartment. Thieves will use this to their advantage and your insurance company may not pay your claim.
  • Leaving valuables on show in the vehicle will provide opportunistic thieves with a greater reason to break-in. Instead, put items such as bags, laptops or tool boxes in the boot but it is preferable to do this when commencing your journey. Thieves may see you put them in the boot when you park up in a service area or shopping centre car park and then target your vehicle.
  • Never leave tools in your vehicle overnight. Take them indoors with you. This may take a little time each night but it may save you losing all of your tools. Tools are often not covered by your vehicle insurance. Consider the range of supplementary commercial vehicle locking solutions available from your Ford dealer to maximise your protection against tool theft during the working day.
  • If you have a hatchback or estate vehicle, always use the parcel shelf / load cover to hide the contents of your boot from prying eyes.
Other security systems
  • If you fit any extra security devices ensure they meet Thatcham or Sold Secure Standards and any electrical systems are installed by your Ford dealership or by a Thatcham approved installer to ensure safe and secure fitment.
  • If you have alloy wheels fit locking wheel nuts if not already fitted by the manufacturer. Hide the locking nut key somewhere safe rather than in the glove box or with the jack. Thieves always look there first.
  • If you have additional vehicle security devices such as steering wheel or gear lever locks use them when you leave your vehicle.
Leaving your keys in the home
  • Thieves are frequently known to “fish” for car keys in a house by simply using a garden cane with a hook screwed into the end which they then put through window openings or door letter boxes to reach for keys. Put keys in a drawer or cupboard away from windows or doors and out of reach/sight.
  • Fit a wire mesh cage around your letterbox on the inside of your door to catch your mail and to help stop key fishing.
  • Thieves have been known to break-into a house and sometimes use violence to obtain car keys during house burglaries – do not put yourself at risk. Don’t take your car keys to bed with you. Leave them in a downstairs room, out of sight and away from windows & doors where they can be found with some effort.