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Ford Kuga SYNC3 with Touchscreen and Voice Control
SYNC and Bluetooth® support
Ford cars come with a range of technologies, including SYNC and Bluetooth®. These are designed to help you stay connected and control certain features of your car.

Here you’ll find information about the different systems and how they work, so you can take full advantage of the features unique to each of them.
Bluetooth® with Voice Control
Make and receive calls, and even adjust the temperature: handsfree by using spoken commands.
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Ford SYNC 1.0 with Emergency Assistance
Play your music, make and receive calls on your mobile, have incoming text messages read aloud: control them all with simple voice commands. The system can even assist you in calling the Emergency Services, in the event of an accident.
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Ford SYNC 1.1 with AppLink
With natural, intuitive voice controls you can access and use apps across a variety of categories on the move, via state-of-the-art technology that seamlessly connects your smartphone to your car.  Please note that application availability is market dependant and is subject to change.
*Model is not representative but for illustrative purposes only.
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Ford SYNC 2 with Touchscreen and Voice Control
An upgraded version of Ford SYNC 1.0, SYNC 2 comes with extra features designed to enhance your in-car connected experience. With a colour touch screen and voice commands, you can also do things more easily.
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Ford SYNC 3 with AppLink
All the benefits of SYNC 1.0 and 2, plus pinch-and-swipe gestures, ultra-fast performance and even easier use. With the ability to connect to Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto, Ford SYNC 3 is the most sophisticated SYNC system to date.
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