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Miscellaneous FAQs
Find the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions
Q: I have ordered my new vehicle and have been waiting longer than the date my Dealership advised me and I still have no vehicle.
We can occasionally experience unprecedented levels of demand for a particular model or specification, for this reason Ford is unable to guarantee a delivery date of any particular model. Your Ford dealer will be able to keep you fully updated of any progress reports he/she may receive regarding your order.

Q: Do any current Ford models use Mobile Air Conditioning systems that operate with Refrigerant R134a?

A: In some of our models, the mobile air conditioning systems operates with refrigerant R134a. These models will transition to a refrigerant with low greenhouse gas potential within the following periods:

• Fiesta: July 2016
• B-MAX: August 2016
• EcoSport: June 2016
• Focus: August 2016
• C-MAX: August 2016
• Kuga: August 2016
• Mondeo; Galaxy; S-MAX: June 2016
• Transit & Tourneo Courier: August 2016
• Tourneo Connect: June 2016
• Transit, Transit Connect (M1 passenger car versions): June 2016

The following models are not concerned by the transition and their Mobile Air Conditioning will continue to operate with R134a:

Focus Electric (until end 2016), Ranger, Transit, Transit Custom and Transit Connect (M2 Passenger Car and all Van versions)

The Mobile Air Conditioning of all remaining Ford models already today operates with a refrigerant with low greenhouse gas potential.