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Reasons to hire a Ford Rental vehicle
Here are some of the many reasons our customers find hiring a Ford Rental vehicle can be useful and cost-effective:
Staff training
When your staff need to attend off-site training courses, our hire vehicles are likely to be the most cost-effective transport solution.
Probationary periods
We offer excellent rates on three-month hires, perfect for covering probationary periods for your new starters.
Flexible company cars
Benefit from a competitive rate fixed for a long period, without committing to a contract. This also offers you the benefit of keeping your fleet young and up-to-date.
Pool cars
Instead of purchasing or leasing vehicles for the motor pool, we can take the burden of vehicle depreciation, maintenance and admin off your shoulders.
Try before you buy
You may be in the market for a new car or fleet, or thinking of upgrading your current models. Before committing expenditure, why not hire one for the week?
Last minute meeting or event attendance
There are always going to be last-minute meetings to attend; our two-hour guaranteed turnaround ensures your people will always be able to get there.
Awaiting vehicle delivery
With any supplier, there is normally a waiting period for a new vehicle to arrive. Our flexible rental solutions allow you to fill the gap until your vehicles are delivered.
Competitor analysis
You may be in the market to change your current supplier:short-term hire is an ideal way to road-test your preferred replacement.
Staying mobile with repair and service cover
Your current vehicles may not be reliable all the time, so our short-term offering is a perfect stop-gap for service or repair downtime.
Personal hire scheme for employees
Our competitive rates extend to all our National Corporate Account customers’ employees too. We can also help you communicate this to your people as a staff benefit.
For further information about Ford Rental, our products and services please contact our Central Office on 0844 826 1353.