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Questions we're often asked

Below, you will find a selection of the questions that we are most commonly asked by our corporate customers. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, then please contact us.

Q. Which vehicles can I hire?
A. You can hire any model from our extensive range of Ford passenger and commercial vehicles – from the award-winning Ford Transit and 7.5-tonne Luton, to the Ford Mondeo and versatile S-MAX. Ford Rental Dealers have access to the very latest models from the Ford range, and our customers have the chance to be among the first to drive them.
Q. Do you have a minimum/maximum age limit for hiring?
A. If you require dealership insurance cover, yes. If you’re aged between 25 and 70 you can hire a vehicle from Ford Rental. Exceptions will always be considered, i.e. drivers under 21. Acceptance of exceptions is subject to approval from the dealer and the insurance policy limitations. If you would like to discuss your rental needs, call our Central Office on 0844 826 1353 or email us and a member of our team will soon contact you

Q. Can I take my rental vehicle abroad?
Yes, although you must mention this when you make your booking and an additional charge will apply and be quoted at point of request. We will need to know which countries you will be visiting and for how long, so we can make sure we prepare all the relevant documentation and cover. The documentation is mandatory, when you pass national borders, to prevent your hire vehicle being seized by Customs and Excise.

Q. Do you offer long-term hire?
A. If you need a rental vehicle for three months or more, we offer a service called DrivePlus. With its highly competitive tariffs reflecting the length of hire, DrivePlus is an attractive alternative to contract hire or leasing. The service is ideal for short-term contract employees, visiting management, pool cars or a temporary solution when awaiting factory-ordered vehicles. It allows you to enjoy the latest models and specification without the commitment of leasing, or the hassle of taxing and servicing.  
Q. Can I have an additional driver?
A. Yes you can. Additional drivers are subject to the same conditions as the main driver and there will be a small charge for each additional driver, if you require Dealer insurance cover.

Q. Do you offer minibus hire?
A. Yes we do. We highly recommend you give as much advance notice as possible when you require a minibus because this is a highly soughtafter model, especially during peak seasons. If the vehicle is required for a long term hire, the dealership may register a new vehicle to meet your request. If you would like to discuss your minibus requirements, please contact us. We also have Tourneo, Galaxy, S-MAX and Grand C-MAX models available to carry a number of passengers.
Q. How much will it cost to hire a vehicle?
A.We pride ourselves on offering an affordable and competitive rental service that meets all your needs. To get an accurate quote email Ford Rental.

Q. Do you accept credit card bookings?
A. If you are a business customer we can accept several methods of payment, including BACS transfer, corporate purchasing card and credit card. The method of payment is subject to a credit check assessment.

Q. How do I contact Ford Rental?
A. Business customers can email us or call our Central Office on 0844 826 1353
Q. Are there any mileage restrictions on the vehicles?
A.  Yes. We build a contract around our customer demands and always try to work with the customer to agree an amicable solution. To explain, Ford Rental runs one of the most youthful hire fleets in the UK and to maintain the value of the vehicles we must ensure that the vehicle mileage is protected. Our hire rates are built around the assumed value of the vehicle after a certain period of time.
Q. Do you hire vehicles nationwide?
A.  We are very proud of the size of our Dealer network, having over 110 locations across the UK.
Q. What happens if the car gets damaged?
A.  The damage claim procedure has been perfected over the years and again we are very proud of the processes in place that aim to provide a seamless, timely service to our customers. Within 24 hours from off hire we aim to advise you of any damage matters that have been identified following a collection of a hire vehicle. The claim paperwork will shortly follow containing all evidence to justify the reason for the cost incurred. Ford Rental has a dedicated Damage Desk to manage your claim from start to invoice. For further information on this process please refer to our terms and conditions.
Q. Do I need to refuel before returning the vehicle?
A.  Ford Rental does encourage our customers to re-fuel vehicles before collection. We will charge on the cost of the fuel at inflated prices, plus charge on a surcharge to cover the costs of the Dealer having to re-fuel the vehicle prior to re-hiring to their next customer.

Q. Is there a minimum vehicle requirement to setting up an account?
Ford Rental will consider all customer requirements and price according to the profile of business opportunity available. Our dealer network may undertake responsibility of your hire requirements if you only have a low ad hoc requirement.

Q. What questions will you need to ask me?
To build a proposal, we would need to know:
1. What you anticipate the business activity will be
2. What vehicles you will predominantly hire
3. How long on average will you require the vehicles
4. What the main locations of hire will be
5. Any special requirements that may affect the hires

Q. Will you need to perform a credit check and ask for trade references?

Q. In the event of my account being declined, will I be given the opportunity to pay in advance?
Yes. Ford Rental has a number of payment methods on offer to overcome this matter.

Q. Will I be required to pay a deposit?
If you pay by credit card, a standard deposit will be required per hire; the value of the deposit is subject to the activity of hires required. The deposit will be credited back after 28 days from off hire and will only be used if out-of-pocket expenses are identified, for example but not limited to: parking fines, excess mileage charges, re-fuel charges.

Q. How long does the account opening process take?
As standard we ask for a minimum of one week’s notice. However, if you have an immediate hire request, other methods/processes can be enforced to support you, until the account opening process has been totally completed.

Q. Will I be assigned a dedicated Account Manager?
Yes. Our Business Development Managers will handle the account opening process, ensuring your transition into Ford Rental is as seamless as possible and continue to manage your account going forward.

Q. When I am ready to book a vehicle, what details will I need to provide?
A.  All reservations must be placed with Ford Rental Central Reservations and bookings will not be accepted without an account number. Our recommended method of booking is using our web-based system. We also accept telephone, email and fax bookings. The customer must provide the following information when placing a booking:
·         Order number
·         Vehicle group required/vehicle description
·         Driver name and contact telephone number for home, delivery office and mobile
·         Length of time the vehicle is required, including starting date and time
·         Full delivery and collection details, including postcode
Q. Will I be given an authorised username and password for my account?
A.  Yes. As part of the security check, when a hire request is placed, we will need the requester to quote the references provided before a hire can be accepted.
Q. Do you offer an online booking facility?
A.  Yes. Our online booking facility is available through the internet: it is user friendly, meaning you can self train on the functionality. The facility offers a suite of management reports such as rental numbers, average spend per day, rental length, agreement and reservation details and P11D information.
Q. What notice period do I need to give to make a booking?
A.  Ford Rental will accept any hire requests, which are subject to availability. If two working hours’ notice or more is provided on standard vehicle groups, we will endeavour to provide you with a vehicle within the same group or offer a free of charge upgrade. For further information please refer to the terms and conditions.
Q. Will the vehicle be delivered to my work address or can I specify an alternative address?
A.  Ford Rental will deliver a vehicle to any destination requested. 
Q. Is there a minimum and maximum hire period?
A.  No. We have a short term and long term product available. Ford Rental are specialists in providing customers with very specific specifications when hiring a vehicle for three months or longer.
Q. Can I expect the exact vehicle I specify?
A.  Ford Rental will provide a vehicle within the same group requested, subject to notice and hire demand. If a vehicle within the requested group is unavailable and sufficient notice has been provided, Ford Rental will attempt to seek a higher group vehicle to fulfil the request.
Q. Once booked, am I able to extend the rental period?
A.  If you think a vehicle may be extended, the hire must be placed as a ‘To be advised’ status, at point of placing the vehicle hire requirement. The dealer will then ensure that the vehicle is not automatically hired, after the end date given has passed.
Q. What notice period do I need to give to make a cancellation?
A.  You can cancel at any point. If less than two working hours’ notice is provided, a charge will be incurred.
Q. If I have paid in advance, will I be able to get a refund?                                    
A.  Yes, any relevant cancellation fees will be deducted from the value paid before the credit is raised.
Q. If I bring the car back early will I be able to get a refund?
A.  The hire charges applicable are calculated based upon the hire period requested at point of request. If the hire ends before the anticipated end date stated, the prevailing rate applicable to the new hire period will be applied before a refund is made.
Q. Is insurance included in the price?
No. Ford Rental always separate charges to ensure the customer is totally aware of the known charges applicable to the hire requested. If you need insurance, just ask and we can include this in your quote. (All quotes are subject to terms and conditions.)

Q. What is included within the Dealer’s insurance?
Most of our Dealers’ insurance policies operate like a private, fully comprehensive policy; so it would cover all third party damage, fire and theft (as long as keys were not left in the vehicle) and it would have an excess. Glass breakages are not covered. It is best to ask at the time of booking for full details as each Dealer’s insurance policies will vary.

Q. If I am using my own insurance, will I need to supply a certificate?
Yes. Additionally a signed insurance indemnity form is required. In summary, by signing this form customers are agreeing to the terms and conditions of using the Dealer’s insurance. 

Q. What is the invoice period?
Payments are required within 30 days from invoice date.

Q. Who do I contact with questions about my invoice?
Ford Rental has a dedicated Finance Department. Any queries can be emailed directly to them on:

Q. How long should I have to wait for an answer to an invoice query?
All queries will be acknowledged within 24 hours from advice and resolved within five working days.

Q. What are your company service levels in terms of the length of time to raise an invoice?
Ford Rental aim to raise any standard invoices within 14 days’ from the vehicle off hiring.

Q. When should I expect a statement of our account?
All statements are usually sent out during the first week of the month.